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  1. ohiogirl

    Found Deceased OH - Harley Dilly, 14, walking to Port Clinton High School, 20 Dec 2019 #4

    Harley Dilly found in chimney of unoccupied home It appears to be accidental.
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    Shots fired at "BPM Festival" electronic music festival in Mexico

    Great My son was there. I heard from him before I saw this, so he is ok. How horrible.
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    WV - Teacher swipes mic from autistic boy set to perform in Thanksgiving play

    Wow, this thread is going faster than I can read it. Why is it that every incident in our lives needs to be blasted on social media for everyone and their brother to have an opinion on. This has been taken way out of proportion, imo. Parents, your kids really don't want to have videos of...
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    GUILTY SC - Walter Scott, 50, fatally shot by North Charleston PD officer, 4 April 2015 - #2

    Thanks i.b.nora. I have just been reading the blog. It seems to me the defense attorney is trying to get information in that should be coming from the defendant. We will see if he testifies, but I doubt it. Mind, I haven't been watching, just reading.
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    LA - Will Smith, 34, retired New Orleans Saints, dies in road rage, New Orleans, 9 April 2016 *new trial 2022*

    In May detectives took a DNA sample from Ceravolo—as well as from Richard and Rebecca Hernandez—to test against genetic material recovered from a loaded gun that police found in Smith’s Mercedes. That weapon, in fact, wasn’t even discovered until three days after police...
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    GUILTY CA - Officers Gil Vega, 63, & Lesley Zerebny, 29, slain, Palm Springs, 8 Oct 2016

    The articles are stating that he threatened to shoot them right off the bat. I don't know why they would stay by the front door trying to talk to him. jmo SWAT didn't get there until 5:00. Why so long?
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    IL-Chicago Police Officer Says She Feared Using Gun While Being Beaten Oct. 2016

    Don't get me wrong, because I truly feel for these police. I do have relatives in law enforcement and I fear for them daily. But, when would have been the proper time to shoot him? Before he was beating her, at that point it wasn't clear that lethal force was needed. When he was beating her...
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    Bombshell tonight! Nancy Grace leaving Headline News

    I didn't realize she was still on.
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    Oklahoma Court: Forced oral sex not rape if victim is unconscious

    That's ridiculous, and they should do what they need to do to change this immediately! jmo
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    Sad news, Paul Prudhomme has passed away What a shame. We have always gone to K-Paul's in New Orleans whenever we visit. I enjoyed watching him on PBS in the past. No cause of death yet.
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    GUILTY MA - Colleen Ritzer, 24, brutally murdered, Danvers, 22 Oct 2013 #1

    Thank you for posting the tweets! Great job! (Mods might want to move this thread to the Trial one.)
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    GUILTY AZ - Timothy Romans, 39, & Vincent Romero, 29, slain, St Johns, 5 Nov 2008 - #6

    Wow, I truly hope he has been helped. Of course, the foster home will be allowed to know all about his story. The Daily Mail interviewed his ex step-mom, and she seems to think his new foster home or school might not be told about his past. This is hogwash, imo. I am torn about letting him...
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    OK - Mark Costello, 59, labor commissioner, fatally stabbed, OKC, 23 Aug 2015 An adult son of Oklahoma's labor commissioner, who was arrested on a complaint that he stabbed the politician to death at a restaurant, was once confined for three months so he could be...
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    OK - Mark Costello, 59, labor commissioner, fatally stabbed, OKC, 23 Aug 2015
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    Rape allegations mount against Bill Cosby #3

    Sex is great and all that, but I am continually astounded at the lengths some men will go to just to get off. Why is it that men, some women too, but not nearly as many, are so obsessed with their ##cks? Risking their families, livlihoods, I just don't get it. What is the psychology here?
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    GUILTY OH - Niall, 3 mos, Gavin, 4, & Noah Pilkington, 3 mos, murdered, 2014-2015 *Mom arrested* Family says latest boy to die had been taken by Children Services over suspicions on brothers’ deaths, but judge sent him back home just this past week
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    GUILTY LA - Jaren Lockhart, 22, New Orleans, 5 June 2012 - #7

    I can't believe I missed this whole trial. Thank goodness he was found guilty. Now for MS. Thanks to all you Twitter posters. You rock!