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  1. GoneWithTheWind

    Missing cell phones

    Why? Speculate on why the phones need to be disposed?
  2. GoneWithTheWind

    Post-Verdict: I am sick and heartbroken

    The American justice system does not work. On Thursday a child murderer will walk to live "Bella Vita" ... "the beautiful life". The jury system should be done away with. The general population is not intelligent enough to interpret and understand forensics, nor is common sense a norm. 3...
  3. GoneWithTheWind

    Post-Verdict: I am sick and heartbroken

    Being busted for marijuana or insurance fraud is punished more severly than murder in this country. I am appalled.
  4. GoneWithTheWind

    Post-Verdict: I am sick and heartbroken

    I am sick with the American justice system, where we let child murders walk free. The system is not working. Taxpayers helped her get off scott free and put up over 300,000 to help her do so. I am in tears. I have had a lot of doubt in the American government and now the American justice...
  5. GoneWithTheWind

    Who believes that Cindy should be prosecuted for perjury? Or is it just me...?

    Who and where do we write or email to encourage procecution of Cindy for perjury. Personally, I am furious. Her lack of ethics and integrity created ICA monster who became capable of murdering an innocent and beautiful child.
  6. GoneWithTheWind

    2011.06.30 TRIAL Day Thirty-two (Morning Session)

    Have they asked her about her brain tumor?
  7. GoneWithTheWind

    2011.06.29 TRIAL Day Thirty-one (Afternoon Session)

    Where can we find that? Got to be more entertaining than this woman.
  8. GoneWithTheWind

    What one question would you ask Casey, if you were the State?

    Did you make or steal cholorform? Did you administer it to Casey? Why did you apply duck tape? Where were you when you did this?
  9. GoneWithTheWind

    POLL: Does The Meter Reader Fiasco Change Your Mind?

    2. No, I am more convinced than every she is guilty.
  10. GoneWithTheWind

    Do you believe that Lee Anthony lied on the stand?

    I think Lee has had it with the drama and the lies. I think he has decided he will just tell the truth, because he is wise to the dysfunction of his mother and how it affected Casey's disability to function in the "real world." He will separate himself from Mom, Dad and Casey; and hopefully...
  11. GoneWithTheWind

    What does the jury think happened today?

    I think just ICA planned this. She is a DRAMA QUEEN.
  12. GoneWithTheWind

    All about current searches for Hailey

    Run a magnet over it.
  13. GoneWithTheWind

    Eric B. death certificate *MERGED*

    Was this new news about Eric Baker? I do not remember him being mentioned as the father. Did he really exist?
  14. GoneWithTheWind

    2011.05.31 TRIAL Day Six (Morning Session)

    Is Cindy, perhaps, feeling bad for turning in ICA?
  15. GoneWithTheWind

    This Week on Websleuths Radio Attorney Richard Hornsby

    Are the questions and Hornsby just repeating?
  16. GoneWithTheWind

    This Week on Websleuths Radio Attorney Richard Hornsby

    I think we may have overlodaed it.
  17. GoneWithTheWind

    Baez - Just Lost The Trial

    Why does Casey look so small in this video? Compare her height to Baez and the other gal. I think they have her chair lowered to make her look more child like.
  18. GoneWithTheWind

    Is GA Acting or has he really changed?

    I feels like it is more a another fight between Casey and her parents. just more family dysfunction.