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  1. Sdavidson11

    Aggravation phase #2

    I hope JA was placed on suicide watch because that was the only way to keep her from giving interviews. What she did to take the focus off of Travis once again is her sickness and why she deserves the DP. As far as victim impact statements, I think it will be better with her not in the court...
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    trial day 43: the defense continues its case in chief #131

    Just speaking from my experiences I have been on the receiving end with a couple of "therapists" who are very similar to ALV's point of view. While trying to save my marriage after being kidnapped and rape it was always my husbands fault and abuse of my situation and was advised to leave. When...
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    trial day 43: the defense continues its case in chief #131

    Me too! I just have to give him a break. He has been dressing better and looked nice the past couple of days. I hate what JA is doing to Travis's family and his memory however, KN wanted off this case. He actually tried more than once to remove himself. I don't know how many of you all have...
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    PTSD sufferers - please post here

    Bunnyhop please make sure you document everything, if you can voice record so you can remember your state of mind and tiny details. I also agree with always "GET AN ATTORNEY" good luck to you.
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    PTSD sufferers - please post here

    Hugs to everyone who has shared their story of PTSD. It is amazing that we have a place to share and support each other. I was once told if you tell your story ten times out loud it will be less traumatic. It didn't work for me but it may work for others. This is a hard case for me to follow...
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    weekend break: discuss the latest here #123

    If the Dr Phil posting is true, which it probably is,it just makes my blood boil. I have been trying to get my courage up to post on the PTSD thread, as I also have it and what happened to Travis is what I thought was going to happen to me during my kidnapping and rape by an escaped inmate with...
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    Sidebar for Caylee Anthony's forum #15

    The Dr. Phil money makes me furious:furious: but I have wondered about all the donation money they got during the early days. Unreported income and there are a lot of people in Orlando and the world that donated money to find sweet Caylee. Biggest scam ever. I still get emotional thinking...
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    2011.06.27 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Twenty-nine)

    I think Cindy could have been talking with DC cause didn't they all have the throw away phones according to Lee. Also wanted to throw in my friend just started watching the trial and knows no back story. She thinks JB is a good lawyer and if she was in trouble she would want to use him and...
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    2011.06.27 TRIAL Day Twenty-nine (Morning Session)

    Our teachers took a 11% paycut but ICA could be seen by 3 docs on our taxpayer dime. Unbelievable.
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    2011.06.27 TRIAL Day Twenty-nine (Morning Session)

    Here is another Jose from Miami. Where this case is different is tha ICA has a victim under 12 and she was murdered. The case is not even similar. I would hate to think that this is a first high profile hispanic lawyer conspiracy. Keeping fingers crossed for Justice for Caylee.
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    2011.06.25 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Twenty-eight)

    Thanks for those great pictures. I measured my door handle and it is 38".
  12. Sdavidson11

    2011.06.25 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Twenty-eight)

    There house is old. I think the tiles are probably 12 x 12. Could be wrong but they don't look big that big to me. I so agree with you about the shoes. Toddler tennis shoes are not that big and bulky. Those shoes look like something a 1st grader would wear.
  13. Sdavidson11

    2011.06.25 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Twenty-eight)

    I just measured my standard sliding door from the floor to bottom of where the handle (black part) starts and it is 40". I think there may be an issue of this childs size. BTW I am in FL. Have 4 sliders out the back. 3 standard and 1 pocket slider. All measure 40" to bottom of handle and my...
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    2008.10.14 Tony L Interview w/LE

    Here is some oldie but goodie stuff at docstoc link and OS link that was happening that I forgot about.
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    Deposition Questions that could be telling for the Anthony's

    I hope it is ok to bump this from April, 2009 depos from Mr. Morgan. Since the trial will soon be here I like to look back during the time frame of years past to see what was happening. If not ok, I am sorry.
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    Where will the jury come from?

    I am hoping west coast Florida, 50 miles south of Tampa!!
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    Re: Change of Demeanor of DT, State & ICA before Trial

    From my experience going through a trial where the accused was and escaped inmate and I a 22 year old, newly married, college educated, homeowner with no children was told to dress like I would when going to church. Even tho it has been a long time ago I can still remember what I wore and how...
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    What I saw/heard Thursday Frye Hearing

    As someone who suffers from PTSD what usually presents is the detachment that the inmate shows. Speaking from only my experience I would never want to be the life of the party as the inmate is shown in pictures. Never to dress provocative for male attention, even if you are pretty on the...
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    Support Thread: Gerus and Bones (K9's)

    With tears streaming down my face I have to give tribute to my Lhasa Apso. He paid the ultimate price when an escaped inmate broke into our home while we were at work. All the horror that this man perpetrated against me with kidnapping and rape the worst thing is that he shot my dog in the...
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    2011.03.03 Motions Hearing - #3 (PM)

    Just my :twocents: about LE and ICA and JB. LE was trying to find Caylee. They had never encountered anyone like the A's, ICA and JB in there efforts to find this baby. Giving the A's extra courtesy's along the way because Caylee was missing and the evidence showing ICA did it. Now here is...