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    Casey's Peacock Documentary First Look

    I have canceled my Peacock subscription. I'd like to know how much this killer was paid for this documentary. I wouldn't be surprised if this psycho has an Only Fans account and that's how she's making money.

    AP: Casey Anthony Speaks in 1st Interview Since Daughter's Murder Case - 7 March 2017

    12 years later and she's still a lying a$$ baby murderer. No shame, still as unconcerned and defiant as ever. She may be "sleeping well" these days (her words, not mine), but trust....her day is coming. Notice how now she says she went to bed with Caylee and woke up, she was gone, she's still...


    So much for CM's statement that she lives in fear.

    the judge speaks out...finally?

    I was happy to see the judge on The Today Show yesterday. He looked good and I was glad to see that he was thinking the same things behind the bench that we were thinking during the trial. Glad he came forward and gave his views -- and he didn't have to write a book to gain from either.

    Sidebar for Caylee Anthony's forum #15

    I wouldn't put it past this "peculiar" family to have Casey babysitting the new addition to the family, they are so twisted. :sick:

    Bankrupt Casey Anthony interviewed by KPHO CBS in Phoenix

    Now this chaps my ......! I spent a few years paying back my students loans for my college education. This <modsnip>, IMO, murdered her child, gets away with it, knows from the beginning of this case, when she was arrested, that she didn't have 2 wooden nickels to her name, yet is able to...

    Sidebar for Caylee Anthony's forum #14

    A few thoughts here: Upon hearing the news about the search for "foolproof suffocation" blood pressure did not go up 80 points like it did on a regular basis during the trial (exaggerating of course); so that means that I am personally handling any news about KC much better than a year...

    Sidebar Discussion #12

    Love, Love, Love this news! :congrats:

    Baez no longer represents Casey--it's finally legal hit it spot on! I am sitting here watching HLN and lo and behold, here's Jose Baez doing commentary with Mike Brooks on Prime News on the Yeardley Love (UVA Lacrosse murder). Good God....please say it ain't so. HLN is stooping to a brand new low for sure.
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    Reports of alleged Casey Anthony video diary surface on Internet

    Just saw that *(**^% on the Today Show. Just like that other killer, OJ Simpson, this ______ can't just lay low and accept the fact that she got away with doing what she did to Caylee. I've never seen more of a narcissitic woman, other than Kim Kardashian, that seeks attention and the...
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    ***SPOILER ALERT*** Imperfect Justice by Jeff Ashton - CONTENT DISCUSSION

    I am saving to read on my Kindle on my drive to Florida for Thanksgiving. I'll make sure that I take my high blood pressure meds that morning. Saw Jeff Ashton on The Today Show this morning and I have no doubt that he would have eaten FCA alive had she taken the stand!:banghead: I really...
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    Sidebar Discussion #2

    BW will sell her soul to score a "BIG" interview. When JB appeared on The View, she could chalk it up to "business". However, when she is seen chowing down and going to a play with JB, his wife, the Badens and Frank Langella (who used to be Whoopi Goldberg's main squeeze about 10-15 years...
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    Did Lisa's Mom do it? Poll

    That's where DB was with the male companion....but Lisa (the baby) was also there with her?
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    Did Lisa's Mom do it? Poll

    Yes! I said the same thing to my husband when they first did the Today Show interview! Hell, I know how distraught I was when one of my dogs went missing about 6 years ago. If it was one of my boys I would not be intelligible, I would be screaming gut wrenching sobs and probably need medical...
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    Post-Verdict:Jose Baez-Sanctions? Florida Bar Investigation!

    I'd just love to see him get a verbal smack down, publicly of course, by a committee of his peers and superiors, have his license suspended for at least 60 days and all his dirty laundry concerning FCA aired, including the little reenactment of "Lady and the Tramp" between those two! Heh...
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    ZFG Civil Case: Casey's Deposition #2

    Absolutely! I think that she has cut her hair short and colored it, red or blonde and has changed her brow color too. Probably sporting colored contact lenses too. Won't help....she's still ugly from the inside out. Can't wait for her to get hers in a MAJOR way. Does this fool not...
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    TV Station Pushes for Release of ICA Jailhouse Video

    Hey Fellow WS'ers! I've missed all of you! Watching the released video on HLN. I hope that this tape haunts every last one of those 12 jurors that decided to let this <modsnip> walk free. Is there any doubt that she didn't know that her time was up? Who reacts like this if you've done...
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    What's in the Minds of Her Mother, Father, Brother Right Now?

    BBM. Why would CA purposely lie about the computer searches on the stand if the trial had snapped her out of her denial/anger? And IIRC, Mark Lippman made his "usual" appearance later that evening on many of the HLN shows to state that CA still "insists" that she made those searchs for...
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    What's in the Minds of Her Mother, Father, Brother Right Now?

    Is it just me?....there is no way EVER that I would be going to the site where my child/grandchild was found murdered and thrown away as GARBAGE. She was in a bag, duct taped......eaten by animals and insects! And trust me, they BOTH know how Caylee got there. In fact, I would have moved...
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    Is FCA headed back to Orange County for Probation?

    Trust me...if this was the case, it would be all over the news here in Houston! Not a peep....nothing. And I just watched the 10:00 news. If she is there, the reporters here will be on that place like cockroaches on crumbs. The thought that despicable creature is less than a half hour...