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  1. Ambercat

    CA CA - Charlotte Schmidt, 46, Fullerton, 15 January 1962

    Does anyone know if the other two homicides in the Capri Pants Killer series -- Doris Bowman and Jessa Kahan -- were ever solved? Maybe it's my imagination but Mrs. Schmidt's murder sounds as though it might share some similarities with Patricia Neufeld's homicide in Garden Grove 16 years later.
  2. Ambercat

    FL FL - Lake City, WhtMale UP6246, 35-50, near I-10 rest area, Nov'78

    Thanks for the update, Jason. I suggested Donald Thompson back in 2014 and had just assumed it wasn't him because I hadn't heard back from Indiana or Florida authorities. I guess these things sometimes take time. I was able to locate a few news articles about Donald Thompson at the time of...
  3. Ambercat

    MO MO - St Louis, BlkFem 8-11, 54UFMO, in abandoned bldg, Feb'83

    Recently, I noticed the case of another decapitated Black girl was recently added and wondered if the two cases could be linked, since the girl found in St. Louis is now thought to have spent most of her childhood in Pennsylvania.
  4. Ambercat

    CA CA - Wilmington, WhtMale 1155UMCA, 17-25, off Terminal Island Freeway, Feb'73

    Back in 2012, I e-mailed Daniel Machain from the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office about Norman Prater. From Investigator Machain's reply, it sounds like he was looked at and ruled out -- I haven't heard back about Richard Riquier since I asked about him in 2014 (I thought there might be...
  5. Ambercat

    CA CA - Wilmington, WhtMale 1155UMCA, 17-25, off Terminal Island Freeway, Feb'73

    Norman Prater's NamUs profile is -- Thanks for creating a separate thread for Wilmington John Doe! :tyou:
  6. Ambercat

    Identified! CA - Laurel Canyon, WhtFem 358UFCA, 20-23, Nov'69 - Reet Jurvetson

    I noticed that Sherry Doe's NamUs page is no longer available? I haven't been able to locate any articles about her being identified -- sorry, being nosy I looked around quite a bit before posting. I was interested to know her story because there has been so much speculation over the years.
  7. Ambercat

    Identified! NV - Las Vegas, AsianMale UP404, aka Henry Owaka, Jun'73 - Tee Kee Seah

    It was through his fingerprints. Rick Jones (from the Clark County Coroner's Office) explained it to me via e-mail --
  8. Ambercat

    Identified! CA - Ludlow, WhtFem UP2517, 17-22, buried, Nov'80 - Pamela Duffey & William Lane *arrest*

    Does it specify what her degree was in? The website says that they offer an Associate Degree in Nursing ( If Cecile graduated in high school in 1978, it might not be possible for her to get a nursing degree in that time; the reason why I say this is because...
  9. Ambercat

    Identified! NV - Las Vegas, AsianMale UP404, aka Henry Owaka, Jun'73 - Tee Kee Seah

    Because I had been looking at "Henry's" case for years and I really wanted to know what happened, I got in touch with the coroner's office and asked. I learned --
  10. Ambercat

    Identified! FL - Orlando, WhtMale UP529, 30-50, homeless, strawberry blonde, Dec'99 - NamUs removed

    I can't help but wonder if this man had some sort of interaction with the real Gerald Polk from Hudson, FL and he took his identity or they switched identities for whatever reason.
  11. Ambercat

    TX TX - Houston, on I-10, BlkFem 25-35, UP4565, turquoise ring, clothes, Sep'76

    I noticed Francis Heath from Crossett, AR who went missing on a bus trip to El Paso, TX in 1974. At 39, Francis is a little over the estimated age but I think the other stats are fairly close and, from what they were both wearing, both women seem to like layered clothing and plaid shirts...
  12. Ambercat

    DE DE - George 'Buddy' Nutting, 20, Houston, June 1988

    This is George Nutting's NamUs page --
  13. Ambercat

    NY NY - Plainview, Wht/HispMale 23-57, UP140, Members Only jacket, Bulova watch, hair pick, Mar'04

    In that line of thought, I was trying to track down this thread after reading about James Squillante who was reported to be about 5'2" 130lbs when he went missing in 1960 and believed to have met with foul play. After finally locating the thread, I can see the dates are way off. :facepalm...
  14. Ambercat

    Identified! NV - Las Vegas, AsianMale UP404, aka Henry Owaka, Jun'73 - Tee Kee Seah

    Recently, when I tried to access Henry's NamUs page, I received an error message. I wonder if his case has finally been solved? His Doe Network page is still up, though, and doesn't have any notations about being solved.
  15. Ambercat

    Identified! WI - Clinton, 'River Guy' WhtMale 1207UMWI, 17-20, 'Venom' TShirt, Nov'95 - Carl Junior Isaacs

    Recently, NamUS UP# 8382 who had been found on the shore of Yuba Lake in Juab County, UT in September 1978 was identified as Marilee Bruszer from Long Beach, CA. There were quite a few discrepancies between Ms. Bruszer’s vital statistics and those estimated by the Coroner/Medical Examiner...
  16. Ambercat

    OR OR - Portland, Columbia River, WhtMale 20-35, UP9992, very tall, Sz 13 shoes, clothes, May'95

    I noticed this UID has another thread here. Could the two be combined? I wish that we had more information about Larry Shane Kelley, even if his coloring isn't a...
  17. Ambercat

    PA PA - Lower Turkeyfoot, WhtMale 25-50, 170UMPA, expensive clothing, gold box chain w/crucifix, Nov'95

    I know that there are a lot of things that don't match up but there is something about the UID that reminds me of George Primavera from NY --
  18. Ambercat

    CA CA - Marin Co., WhtMale UP11920, 40-50, in bay near GG Bridge, May'94

    I wonder if Michael Udow from Big Bear, San Bernardino County, CA has been looked at? He was last seen on November 5, 1993 in Southern California. His height is listed as 64" yet his weight is a bit less than the UID at 140 lbs. In the...
  19. Ambercat

    TX TX - San Antonio, BlkFem 18-25, 76UFTX, stayed at SAMM shelter in '85 may be "Norma from FL", Mar'86

    I heard back from Bexar County, TX and Tennessee, Vanessa Denise Smith has been ruled out by fingerprints. NamUs UP #4474 also lists Vanessa Denise Smith of Tennessee as the only rule out. When I suggested the possible match, I didn't realize that fingerprints were available for the...
  20. Ambercat

    DC DC - Bobby Joe Horn, 41, Washington D.C., 31 Aug 1977

    You're right, Bobby Joe Horn isn't in NamUs. For some reason, I thought that he was but when I went to find his case number, I learned that he is not. I don't want to sound like I am trying to start problems, yet I have noticed [and become very frustrated] by the fact that there seems to be...