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  1. Flakes

    Ariel Castro: Convicted Cleveland kidnapper/rapist found dead in cell

    My hope is Michelle, Amanda and Gina can move forward from this turn of events, in the knowledge that they are truly brave women who fought for their lives and remained true to themselves in the face of enormous obstacles. They are to be admired and respected. By contrast Ariel's suicide, after...
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    Amanda Berry, Gina deJesus & Michelle Knight - General discussion #4

    One of the things that makes a society civilised is its ability to establish and maintain minimum health and housing standards for even the lowest members of that society – those in jail for heinous crimes. To treat them with less than those minimum standards would mean society acts in an...
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    Who is Ariel Castro?

    PTSD in children from abusive households can lead to a wide variety of behaviours. Some angry, some violent, some self-harming, and others in total denial with a fantasy world built up to try to maintain some kind of "normality" in their lives. There can be serious psychological damage and it...
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    the two 911 calls

    at 1:21s I am certain he laughs. We can only guess why – perhaps he felt frustrated he was having to repeat himself. Not acceptable conduct IMO, as an emergency call of this nature is no place for a laugh by the operator. As far as the final words *advertiser censored*** B**** it's certainly what I hear...
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    How much information? Cleveland, the media, and the public's need to know

    Thank you wfgodot and shadowraiths for posting these comments, as they really ring true for me. There is certainly a bloodlust deep within we humans; and for some it is clearly more dominant and perverse than for others. In observing cases like this, I suspect we the public require fairly...
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    Possible 4th victim?

    Yes, published photos of son and this woman have cereal packets, etc, on top of the fridge in identical positions, and the people are posed identically in each pic, indicating they took the photos in sequence. I'm certain he will have told the police who this woman is, and not surprised they...
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    2011.09.15 EB Pleads Guilty to the Murder of Zahra

    I just want to say in defense of the Aboriginal people of my country, they do not have barbaric rituals surrounding death. In fact, death is such a deeply felt aspect of life that Aboriginal peoples (each tribe is different though there are similarities) call it "sorry business" and have a...
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    Zahra Baker's skull found

    I'm very relieved they've successfully identified Zahra's skull. Disappointed they were unable to determine any more information about her death from it. And content the Australian Embassy will be arranging for it to be returned home to be buried with her other remains. Poor Zahra, sweet child...
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    Who will get Zahra's remains?

    Lanie, I think we live in a world where we feel entitled to instant gratification. We're selfishly impatient. Popular media (TV programs, etc) have us under the illusion that forensic or medical research and investigations are immediate. The truth is, it is nothing of the kind. I recall a...
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    Who will get Zahra's remains?

    How so? Who does it benefit to rush a finding? IMO to neglect a thorough scientific investigation into the evidence, or to announce a premature finding would be disrespectful to Zahra.
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    2010.11.18 AB/EB Court Dates - Other Charges [MERGED]

    The below question obviously presumes the recently found bones are those of Zahra and include the skull. Question: In the US, if new evidence is located that provides conclusive evidence to confirm details of a previously vague and concluded case, can there be a second trial to sort out the new...
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    2010.11.18 AB/EB Court Dates - Other Charges [MERGED]

    It really upsets me that he wasn't forced to face any and all charges against him in the US BEFORE he was allowed to return to Australia. Whoever permitted him to leave the country didn't seem to be showing particularly great respect for the US system. You would think that they'd arrange for any...
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    2010.11.18 AB/EB Court Dates - Other Charges [MERGED]

    Sabot, I agree that AB is despicable ... no argument from me on that count whatsoever. But, your other comments are opinion, not fact. We have absolutely no certainty that: 1) Emily had any legal right to be informed of Zahra's whereabouts 2) Adam had been taking child support payments from...
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    2010.11.18 AB/EB Court Dates - Other Charges [MERGED]

    IF Adam did take Zahra out of the country illegally (ie with a passport acquired via forgery, etc) then he will undoubtedly be dealt with under Australian law. If Zahra's passport was legally obtained then there's no likelihood of any charge. So far, there's been no public announcement made in...
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    2010.11.18 AB/EB Court Dates - Other Charges [MERGED]

    If the article I quoted above is correct, then the answer, sadly, is YES :(
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    2010.11.18 AB/EB Court Dates - Other Charges [MERGED]

    In Melbourne, Australia's The Age newspaper: Same appears in The Herald-Sun (with errors though)...
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    Drug Trafficking Charges Against EB

    Oh and the caption under the Herald-Sun picture (a Melbourne, Australia newspaper): "A moron, a brave little girl and a monster - Adam Baker, his daughter Zahra, and the stepmother accused of murdering her, Elisa Baker." How apt!
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    Drug Trafficking Charges Against EB

    On Monday 19/12/11 EB's lawyer filed sealed papers for a plea deal for the drug trafficking charges she faces. I hope there is no leniency!
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    Zahra's Law

    Article in the Charlotte Observer: 'Zahra's Law' goes into effect today By Cleve R. Wootson Jr. and April Bethea Nearly three dozen laws go into effect in North Carolina today, including legislation inspired by the deaths of a teenager and 9-year-old from the Charlotte region. Among...
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    Zahra's Law

    This is wonderful news – in Melbourne's Herald-Sun today (ie Australian newspaper): Zahra's Law comes into effect in US state of North Carolina AAP From: AAP December 02, 2011 6:37AM A TOUGH new law inspired by the murder and dismemberment of 10-year-old disabled Australian schoolgirl...