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    They had her mother and other family members on tape leaving the jail after being with Jodi for 35 minutes last night on Nancy Grace. They were able to visit with her.
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    Verdict Watch 05/07/2013

    I wish I could but I feel the same way. Something with these high profile cases... Look at the KC case.. this is scaring me...
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    Verdict Watch 05/06/2013 - part 2

    I totally agree! I kinda wish JM would have used that to debunk Bert & Ernie claim that it wasn't premeditated because she didn't kill him while he was sleeping, when it would have been so easy.
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    Verdict Watch 05/06/2013 - part 2

    That's what I thought about the KC trial too. Boy was I wrong!!
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    Armchair Psych discussion of Jodi Arias

    IMO--When it is not premediated or when you do not have other options as JA did. She moved far away, and then kept coming back, why? If he was sooo abusive why keep running back for more? She is a murderer to me, it really is that simple.
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    TX - Five Yates children drowned, Houston, 20 June 2001 *Insanity*

    I hope it is denied. I worried about this happening from the moment she was given a second trial and was released to a hospital. That one day they would set her free. I know she may have been ill, buit she planned what she did and she knew it was wrong. She belongs locked up for the rest of her...
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    George has Casey's car destroyed

    Would you buy and drive around in a car that smells like human decomp? Would you want your kid or yourself to drive around in a car that anyone following this case would recognize? I imagine it would be vandalized a lot.
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    Potential Biorelatives of Caylee wanting to bring Wrongful Death Suit

    Yep just like all the fools that wanted to be Baby Dannielynn's (Anna Nicole Smith's daughter) Daddy.. It was just sick.
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    Casey appeals her 4 Lying to LE convictions

    She was on the Joy Behar show and she cut all her hair off. Total make-over, no more electric socket look.
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    Casey appeals her 4 Lying to LE convictions

    ITA.... I can't figure out if this jury believed Casey was "somehow" involved why did they not just hang the jury and let it be retried? Let another 12 people listen to the eveidence. No way would I have let her walk and then go on TV and say how sick to our stomaches we were over our...
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    Casey appeals her 4 Lying to LE convictions

    But there is more than this lady having a portion of the name. There is also the connection of Sawgrass apartments. Do you honestly believe that was just a coincidence? Zenaida...Casey just "happened" to name the nanny from Sawgrass apartments Zenaida.... Gonzales If so Casey must have gone...
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    What Is the Defense Strategy #2

    Ahhh That is just him trying to make money off of anyone who writes about him. imho It will still come up in trial if that is the defense's case. It doesn't matter what George and his attorney do, they can't stop them from saying it in a court of law.. MOO
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    What Is the Defense Strategy #2

    I think Casey is not only going to accuse her Dad of molesting her but Caylee as well. I think that Casey's defense will be that Casey was "protecting" Caylee from George by any means necessary as she said she would do to the dectives " i will lie, steal, so anything to protect my daughter". I...
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    "Aha" Moment Predictions [MERGED]

    My Ahha moment was reading the mitigating factors and thinking about Casey's interview with the detectives where she said " I will lie, steal, I will do anything to protect my daughter". It makes me think that her defense *may* state that she killed Caylee to protect her from being molested by...
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    Jailhouse Milestone for Casey

    I hope for the DP... I want her to be alone.. All alone 23 hours a day. Miss social butterfly shouldn't be allowed in GP, making friends and laughing having fun. GP would be a cake walk for Casey. Everyone keeps her account filled with money so she will be able to buy protection and probably...
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    Media Links **NO DISCUSSION HERE PLEASE ** Casey Anthony: Jose Baez blasts Roy Kronk report as ‘100 percent false’
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    Media Links **NO DISCUSSION HERE PLEASE **,0,3890471.story Defense wants to exclude Casey Anthony's sexual history