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    2011.06.30 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Thirty-Two)

    Looks like the bird flipper will be spending his 29th birthday in jail. Too bad so sad.
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    2011.06.30 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Thirty-Two)

    I agree that it's a shame to even give her an interview. Aside from that I don't know how she even holds her head up and WANTS to be interviewed, to tell the whole world that she slept with a married man? Not that I would ever do anything like that but hypothetically if I did, I certainly...
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    2011.06.25 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Twenty-eight)

    As for Geraldo, nothing he has said about this case so far has amounted to much so I see no reason to start paying him any mind now. lol (MOO) I bet that come Monday morning we're going to find out that it was all much ado about nothing. (maybe if I say it enough, it'll be true! lol)
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    2011.05.30: Nancy Grace has all the Cindy Anthony testimony tonight at 8 ET

    Awww rats...I forgot today was a Monday, still feels like the weekend to me. Looks like I'll be staying up late to catch the rebroadcast.
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    Trial - Week 2 - What To Expect

    I agree that the state did a great job. They are laying a rock solid foundation brick by brick, completely unfazed by JB's antics. I said it before and I'll say it again. The team that scores the winning point late in the game is still the winner. (and I expect the state to do just that)
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    2011.05.28 - KC upset during break when CA testifies

    It's almost amusing to see how upset KC gets when she has to get a taste of her own medicine. Like it's never even occured to her what it might feel like. It's also baffling to me that the relationship between Caylee and Cindy upset Casey so much. I wound up pregnant with my first before I...
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    Baez - Just Lost The Trial

    Snipped respectfully. This may have been mentioned somewhere on the thread already but I saw someone on one of the news shows covering the trial that basically said it was most likely done not because they actually thought he was the father, but because it's simple to do and then they would...
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    Caylee Marie 2011 'You are My Sunshine' Tribute and Memorial

    I imagine this has been posted already, especially in the video tributes. (but I'm not sure because my speakers don't work.) Anyway, a lot of people that "You are my sunshine" is much more than that one verse. Here is the entire song. You Are My Sunshine My only sunshine. You make me...
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    Is the state's case effective so far?

    I'm tired of hearing all the news shows claiming that the DT seems to be putting on the better case at this point, while the state is kind of plodding along slowly. It really doesn't matter that the DT came into this case like a bull entering the ring (and it's foolish of the bull to assume...
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    The Roy Kronk Connection- Opening Statements-Kronk takes the stand 2011.06.28

    I haven't read the entire thread so this may be repeating something already mentioned. But I said before that if Kronk took the remains, kept them, and then planted them so he could then pretend to find them, then why did the expert botanist find that there were months worth of vegetation...
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    2011.05.25 Nancy Grace

    Nancy was 100% right when she said that Cindy basically took the role that Casey was leaving vacant. I don't for a minute think that it's necessarily the way Cindy would have wanted it, but what was Cindy supposed to do, just let little Caylee have no proper mother figure in her life? That...
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    2011.05.25 Nancy Grace

    Wasn't she? Melts my heart and makes me so sad at the same time. George was so sweet and gentle with her too. :(
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    2011.05.25 Nancy Grace

    "When you let someone else do all the daily things, that person becomes the mother!" (paraphrasing) Right on, Nancy!
  14. J

    BIG HOLES in the defense theory

    Casey has done nothing but lie, lie, lie. Oh, but suddenly NOW she's telling the truth...for really, really, real this time, honest! (give me a break) If Roy Kronk took Caylee's body, kept it for a long time, and then went and dumped it so he could claim to find it, then why were there...
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    Day Before Trial Begins - What Are You Feeling?

    Right now I feel like I'd like to give KC a swift kick in the tush. Since finding WS I've found that I don't know as much about the case as I thought I did. I've been puttering around online watching videos, reading transcripts, etc. KC's total lack of emotion makes me sick. Not only was...
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    2011.05.23. Nancy Grace.

    This whole "loving mother" picture thing is really rubbing me the wrong way. Of COURSE the pics are all going to be smiley, happy, and lovey dovey because who takes family pics of abuse, misery, and horrible mothering?
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    If you could give a victim impact statement, what would you say?

    I've been thinking a lot more about this since last night and found that I had a little more to say... Her name was Caylee Marie. She didn't ask to be born, didn't get to choose who her family would be. She didn't want any more than what she be cared for, to be...
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    Trial Concerns and Worries

    I'm so glad I finlly found Websleuths :) I have one more question, but I'm pretty sure it should probably be somewhere else, I just don't know where. (thanks to everyone for being patient while I learn the ins and outs here) In Florida, how is the punishment decided? If she is found...
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    Day Before Trial Begins - What Are You Feeling?

    I firmly believe that the state attorneys will do right by little Caylee, my only concern now lies with the jury. and to Casey...remember that you might be able to fool some of the people some of the time...and I'm sure you know the rest. ;)
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    Trial Concerns and Worries

    Ok, I'm going to ask this here because I didn't want to start new thread when "trial concerns and worries" seems like the perfect place to ask. (and if there is indeed a better place to ask things like this, feel free to redirect me, I'm still learning the ropes here) Is there seriously a...