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    This Family is United

    has anyone discussed the"C.M.A' thing....or is that a differant thread....L.P. said tonight that he knew it meant Casey...also stated rhat the fingerprints on the duct tape were in fact identified as Casey's...........................hmmmmmmm
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    Globe Magazine: KC-ex gets tested for aids because of KC

    "taken with a "huge hunk of salt",reffering to "grain of salt"......I always thought the saying was "with great assult" oh me.....:blushing:
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    Where Precisely Do You Think Caylee Died?

    P.S. I,too, am the mother of a very ill 26 yr. old....and the blame that others put on Mothers is just unbelievable! You can do all you can..and things just go awry. I am also the mother of a 20 yr. old,and she is just a great person and has seen some dark years... but is mentally heathy and...
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    Where Precisely Do You Think Caylee Died?

    I have wondered about this alot....and it is really mentally sickening to process it. however,I can imagine that Casey was very disturbed(let's say) about the argument she and Cindy Caylee into the car seat and left the house driving ..and while driving she just kept escalating until...
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    P.I. Says Partner Knew Where Caylee Anthony's Body Was

    Well, now I am thouroghly(sp?) confused..why would they hold back this info..who are they trying to protect,and for what ungodly reason??
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    Civil Suit Hearing Tues., 1/6/09 Judge Reprimands Defense Team

    "What a tangled web we weave ,when first we practice to deceive." The only difference here is that this is obvously NOT Caseys 1st attemt at deception!