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    Australia Australia - Claremont SK, 1996-97, Perth, WA - #13

    Thanks Trueblue2017 for your insights. Whilst I agree in 2017 it would be odd to see a Telstra car driving around at all hours, I don't think it would've struck me as odd in the 90's - given the monopoly it had in Australia for all those years. I believe the government started privatising the...
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    Australia Australia Claremont Serial Killer, 1996 - 1997, Perth, Western Australia - #12

    Hi all, Complete newbie poster - I have been trying to catch up on the last 3-4 threads. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this already but I may have found BE's YouTube channel? I could be totally wrong. <modsnip> The whole channel gave me a creepy vibe, particularly a weird (homemade?) video...