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    GUILTY MI - Amy Henslee, 30, Hartford Township, 24 Jan 2011 - #3

    If Tonya 'met up with" Beebe later, it's very possible that Amy could have been already deceased. My guess is Tonya stopped by unannounced or Beebe had no idea she was going to show up, possibly saw blood, a body, Beebe digging a hole with body near by and Beebe thought she would inform...
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    Is this UFO a flying woman!?!?!

    I had seen the 'witch' video from Mexico and in the comments section someone suggested that it was a WASP (Williams Aerial Systems Platform) so then I found this:
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    GUILTY FL - David Corbitt, 34, stabbed to death, Lake Worth, 3 Dec 2005

    We all know that the 34 year old shouldnt have been with the 16 year old. Her parents probably did not know about their relationship as most teenagers relationships. Like Zman said, she could have lied to him about her age! Not to defend the victim, since we don't know the details about their...
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    Cockroach Control Snafu

    All fumigation agents or 'bombs' have directions on what precautions to use before administering the product. Something similar happened in Georgia not that long ago. Just another example of common sense or lack there of...:doh:
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    GA GA - Teresa Dean, 11, Macon, 15 Aug 1999

    the link I found is I hope it works, if not sure it can be pasted.
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    GA GA - Teresa Dean, 11, Macon, 15 Aug 1999

    Hello, This is my first post so i'm a 'newbie'. I was looking at the north american missing persons site part of the doe network and I found a person missing from Macon, Ga. Then I checked the Web Sleuth site for anything on this person and there was nothing. So, I figured why not start a thread...