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  1. NeverPersonal

    Found Safe NM - Nikki Cunningham Alcaraz, 33, traveling w/ Tyler Stratton, Moriarty, 6 May 2023 *endangered, domestic assault* may be in AZ, NM or CA *arrest*

    Absolutely infuriating and another great example regarding how some men will bend over backwards to not believe women. Is her case in the hands of the Innocence Project? If it isn't, it desperately needs to be. Maybe Justine can do that somehow?
  2. NeverPersonal

    Anne Heche - 53 - dies after fiery car crash in Los Angeles August 5 2022

    the more i've read and seen on this case nearly a year later... it makes absolutely no sense, what happened to her. 1. anne bought a wig from a man at a wig store just minutes before the crash. he said she didn't reek of alcohol whatsoever, wasn't slurring her words, seemed totally normal. was...
  3. NeverPersonal

    CANADA Canada - Madison Scott, 20, Vanderhoof, BC, 27 May 2011

    Exactly what I just came here to post! Thanks.
  4. NeverPersonal

    ACTIVE SEARCH JAPAN - Patricia "Pattie" Wu-Murad, 60, US Citizen, on hiking trip Kumano Kodo Trail, didn't arr next stop Osaka, 10 Apr 2023

    I suspected from about page 6 or 7 on that Pattie was a victim of foul play. She's not on that mountain. That's what my gut tells me. It is so tragic and I am devastated for her sons and husband. Obviously I pray I am wrong.
  5. NeverPersonal

    IN - Lebanon - L. Maxwell and B. Tony Charged With Abuse of Disabled 23 yo Son, Brandon, 2021, Son Later Charged With Child exploitation

    Why are people so g*dd*mn horrible? I need to get off this website for the day. I can't handle all the abuse cases I've seen today.
  6. NeverPersonal

    Found Deceased GA - Jason Salter & Kenny Guerra, best friends & business partners, were together, both vehicles found, Fulton County, 25 Feb 2023

    It literally means rock n roll. Literal rockstars have used this symbol for decades and so do people who like rock music or have a business called Rockstar Lifestyle Printing... Just because it looks silly to you doesn't mean it's a gang sign. MOO.
  7. NeverPersonal

    CA CA - Farren Stanberry, 18, San Francisco, 24 Apr 1980

    Did you mean to put more to this post - the two dots? I wonder why his mom "refused" to give him money. Sounds like it may have saved his life if she did. I'd certainly feel guilty as hell if I didn't send my kid money & they disappeared, declared deceased IMO.
  8. NeverPersonal

    MS - Rasheem Carter, 25, called mom said life in danger, Smith County, scattered remains found in 2022 and 2023

    The evidence here says it all imo. If you read the articles available about this case, he texted his mother, "My boss and I are not seeing eye to eye... he sent people to try & kill me" and let her know if anything happens to him, it's his boss, and these other dudes. He gave her their names and...
  9. NeverPersonal

    AZ AZ - Avondale, BlkMale 15-20, UP101055, Found Deceased Near Road, Left Earlobe Piercing, Multi-color Crocs, Feb'23

    Ma'am, they shot someone's child and they didn't know who he was... I foremost wish he was okay. This is devastating.
  10. NeverPersonal

    AZ AZ - Avondale, BlkMale 15-20, UP101055, Found Deceased Near Road, Left Earlobe Piercing, Multi-color Crocs, Feb'23

    Why did officers shoot him? Did he flee? I really wish they'd stop shooting people who flee who aren't 100% suspected of kidnapping or homicide etc because this is SO out of hand as an issue imo. I feel horrible for this kid. Wearing 3 pairs of pants makes me wonder if he was homeless.
  11. NeverPersonal

    CA - Tesla crash off cliff shocked rescuers, Dr. dad arrested for attempted murder of family, Devil’s Slide, Jan 2023

    Not an Elon fan, but gotta say Teslas are pretty dang safe and cool from everything I've read. My newer VW Jetta is also incredibly safe and I ADORE it. Back-up camera, beeps when I'm in reverse and ANYTHING (kid, dog, car) is behind me, the side mirrors have a light that goes on when someone is...
  12. NeverPersonal

    OH - Lachelle Jordan, 30, kidnapped, EMS worker was to testify in court case, Cleveland, 6 May 2023 *found alive*

    Hm, I didn't view it that way. Thanks for your response. Yes, that is odd. The burned clothes also struck me as odd. But she's still in the hospital so some injury must have happened somehow? This is definitely a weird case no matter what direction it goes in. I was just shocked by the amount of...
  13. NeverPersonal

    UK - Nurse Lucy Letby, Faces 22 Charges - 7 Murder/15 Attempted Murder of Babies #22

    The prosecutor asks Letby if she wanted to get straight back into nursery one of the Countess of Chester's neonatal unit, where Child A was being cared for, after his death. She agrees and says from her experience at Liverpool Women's Hospital, "if you've lost a baby in a certain cot space you...
  14. NeverPersonal

    GUILTY CA - Desiree Thompson, 30, found deceased, Bakersfield, 7 Jan 2012 *guilty in 2023*

    So... did he offer her a ride or something? Why would she get in his truck? So sick of these randomly murderous men </3 Wtf
  15. NeverPersonal

    CO CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, Chaffee Co, 10 May 2020 *Case dismissed w/o prejudice* #106

    I can't believe his daughters are buying this garbage.