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  1. bearfossils

    CANADA Canada - Madison Scott, 20, Vanderhoof, BC, 27 May 2011

    Hoping that the news of her remains being found is followed up with the arrest of a suspect.
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    FL - Boy, 3, found hooked to ventilator w/no pulse rotting in bed *GRAPHIC*, Bartow, 26 May 2023 *arrests*

    The nauseating contempt and lack of compassion for disabled children and adults in this country is beyond comprehension. Cases like this are the zenith of this absolute absence of empathy. The so–called “caregivers” of this child deserve to never see the light of day again. The systems set in...
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    NM NM - Anthonette Cayedito, 9, Gallup, 6 Apr1986

    Someone who is in cahoots with the victim’s mother. The entire story of a “stranger” knocking on the door at 3 am is just the ridiculous lie Anthonette’s mother perpetuated for years to hide the fact that she essentially gave her daughter away to an adult male, probably for drugs.
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    FL FL - Bonnie Lee Dages, 18 & Jeremy, 4 months, Lithia, Hillsborough County, 28 Apr 1993

    Bumping for Bonnie and Jeremy. You both are not forgotten!!
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    NM NM - Anthonette Cayedito, 9, Gallup, 6 Apr1986

    The excellent true crime podcast Trace Evidence recently shared an update on Anthonette’s case, essentially sharing that the prime suspect in her disappearance is, and always has been, Anthonette’s mother, Penny. As the other poster stated, a close friend of Penny’s brought an adult male friend...
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    Identified! AL - Opelika, 'Juvenile Jane Doe', BlkFem, UP9834, 4-7, in woods, abused, Jan'12 *reward* - Amore Joveah Wiggins

    I’m so glad advances in DNA have not only given us the opportunity to identify children like Amore, who otherwise might have forever remained a Jane Doe, but also the the opportunity to hold their rancid abusers accountable for their unforgivable actions. I’m sure so-called “parents” like...
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    IA IA - Jodi Huisentruit, 27, Anchorwoman, Mason City, 27 June 1995 #2

    Bumping for Jodi. Her case was one of the first that consumed me, that I read about obsessively and searched for clues as much as I could. There are nights when I can’t sleep, and I walk out back and stare up at the sky — and frequently, I think of Jodi. It’s not right that someone could swoop...
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    VA- 6-YEAR-OLD is in custody after shooting teacher

    This case reminds me of the shooting of Kayla Rolland years ago in Michigan; she was killed by a six year old male classmate who brought a gun to school. Hoping the teacher in this case pulls through and survives.
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    Found Deceased PA - Jennifer Brown, 43, didn't pick up son from bus stop, car parked at home, Limerick Twp, Montgomery Co., 3 Jan 2023 *arrest*

    The car parked at home, and all her belongings being inside either her home or car, aside from her personal phone, makes it sound like she stepped outside to make a call or left briefly to go somewhere very close by. I can’t imagine you would go somewhere with your phone and not your keys unless...
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    MI MI - Connie Royce, 24, Mt Clemens, 1 June 1990

    Do law enforcement and/or Connie’s loved ones believe the sighting of the young woman against her will at the apartment complex could be her? Or is it just an unconfirmed tip from that night? Did she know anyone there or have any connection to it? Similarly, do they think the possible sighting...
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    WA WA - Carla Owens, 14, Clearwater, 1 July 1981

    Bumping for Carla. Cases like this absolutely infuriate me. Just a teenage girl going to babysit, trying to help someone out and maybe make a few bucks, something millions of teenage girls before her and since do all the time. And some disgusting creep decides to take the opportunity to assault...
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    ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Bryan Kohberger Arrested - Moscow # 44

    It depends on the personality or addiction issues of the person. I’ve known people who were previously addicted to opiates who now drink socially and former alcoholics who smoke marijuana casually without issue. It may not be the best decision, but addiction isn’t an all–or–nothing proposition...
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    IN IN - Vali Davis, 24, Indianapolis, 24 June 1979

    Over the years a reward was offered for the return of Vali with no questions asked. The family also hired a private investigator, contacted the FBI, consulted several psychics, fortune tellers and placed classified ads with no results in finding Vali or what happened to her. Vali’s mother whom...
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    Identified! IL - Jefferson Co, Wht Fem 30-50, 166UFIL, wry neck syndrome, Jan'93 - Susan Hope Lund

    I read this too, and that the children have distinct memories of the mother leaving and their father remaining with them. It’s possible that a combination of being pregnant, the weather, and the long walk led her to hitchhike.
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    MD MD - Tracey Tetso, 32, Rosedale, 6 Mar 2005 *D. Tetso guilty*

    If someone is convicted and refuses to reveal the location of the body, they should never be given the opportunity for parole or early release; they should always have to serve the maximum. It’s disgusting to know how many men are able to murder the women in their lives with few, if any...
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    FL FL - Lauren Brittney Dumolo, 29, Cape Coral, 19 Jun 2020

    Her family said the two psychotic episodes happened after she had an abortion, and I believe they said her doctors believed severe hormone fluctuations might have been the cause.
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    GA GA - Diane Fields, 44, East Dublin, 4 Nov 2014

    UNSOLVED: Where is Diane Fields? | 13 WMAZ
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    Deceased/Not Found WI - Sandra Eckert, 70, Franklin, 26 Mar 2021

    Newly unsealed court documents detail investigation into missing Sandra Eckert's disappearance
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    PA PA - Mary Ann Bagenstose, 25, West Willow, 5 June 1984

    So she vanishes a day before a custody hearing and is last seen by her estranged ex, who is also the father of said child? And all we have to go on is his bizarre story which no one can verify? There are way too many cases like this. Bumping for Mary. She is not forgotten <3
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    OK OK - Amber Barker, 10, Oklahoma City, 18 Dec 1997

    I think it’s more likely she vomited while being abducted/assaulted. Her profile on Charley Project states that the vomit was “mixed with possible ejaculate”. I wonder if there has been anymore work done on the partial DNA profile that was obtained from her clothing. Even if the main suspect is...