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  1. dalsglen

    VA - 6-YEAR-OLD in custody after shooting teacher, Newport News, Jan 2023 *mom charged* #2

    The crux of the problem is having a gun, full stop. Farmers have guns for very good reasons, mum and dad living in that 2 up 2 down in the middle of town, no need for a gun whatsoever. Edit: sorry guy's. As a brit, the gun shizzle drives me nuts.
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    Stephanie Tyson

    there's already a thread for Stephanie Reading the news clips and your post left me feeling really conflicted on what happened.
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    Spain Canary Islands - Gary Shearer 53, UK citizen, last seen at Bar 67, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, 16 Mar 2023

    I've admittedly not been online much recently but this is the first time I've heard of Gary being missing. I'm a Celtic fan and haven't even seen anything shared from fan groups which is really odd. Have been to bar 67 a few times, it's right by the beach which is very worrying. Do we know...
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    Found Deceased UK - Kyle Sambrook, 33, missing hiker with dog, not returned from camping trip, car found Glencoe, Scotland 18th Feb 2023.

    My friends husband volunteers for tweed valley mrt, heard the news from her yesterday about teatime. Really sad news, from all I've seen and read Kyle was a lovely bloke. was surprised that our mrt had been called out as we're so far away but the weather down here's been ok and it's not yet...
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    SC - Paul Murdaugh & mom Margaret Found Shot To Death - Alex Murdaugh Accused - Islandton #31

    Snipped and BBM As to the above bolded part, he sure sounds like he's been on a heavy coke binge. That sniffing is driving me up the wall, I'd rather listen to DH prattle on.
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    Found Safe FL - Boy, 2, missing while parents slept, Brooksville, Hernando County, Feb 2023

    Oh those arms and legs look so sore, poor kiddo won't really understand why either. so happy for a happy outcome for once.
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    SC - Paul Murdaugh & mom Margaret Found Shot To Death - Alex Murdaugh Accused - Islandton #16

    No doubt you would be in shock after seeing your child's brains, I've cried over accidentally scratching one of mine, I have never fetched myself a new outfit though ;). I doubt very much that the jury will need much tbf.
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    SC - Paul Murdaugh & mom Margaret Found Shot To Death - Alex Murdaugh Accused - Islandton #16

    And the award for the worst actor ever goes to.... I was beginning to wonder if he had a head tremor. He doesn't, it's all rubbish acting and/or a sorta self soothing when the stress of his actions become too much. How you doing will live rent free in my head for life.
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    OH OH - Amanda Dean - 41 - Chronic DV Victim - Collins - 11 July 2017

    Gosh, this is awful. That poor family.
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    IN IN - Paul Raymond Harrod May Have Been Using False Identity - Hamilton County - 27 Nov 1992 #2

    lol laughing, I like your determination, but it's still not him. PRH was certainly nowhere near 30yo.
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    ID - 4 Univ of Idaho Students Murdered - Bryan Kohberger Arrested - Moscow # 65

    How do HVAC systems work if doors are left wide open? I know from bitter experience that if AC units are switched on while doors are left open they can make an impressive boom.
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    Shelly Miscavige - Wife of David Miscavige

    After everything that's been reported about this cult, how do people get caught up in it?
  13. dalsglen

    Found Deceased FL - Demiah Appling, 14, LE says disappearance is suspicious, Old Town, Dixie County, 16 Oct 2022 *arrest*

    Sheriffs fb post comment by YA 21 hours ago that the granny also comments on.
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    *Crime-related TV shows to watch TODAY!*

    Our favourite recently has been Accused: Innocent or guilty? Think we watched it via catch up, patiently waiting on the next season (in UK) Watching it made me realise how much I judge EVERYBODY, years of being here has taught me well :D
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    Meet & Greet for New Members #2

    Welcome @patrickthomas11
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    Deceased/Not Found MA - Ana Walshe - Supposedly Left Home in Rideshare to Airport - Cohasset #3

    thats a big rock, smallish fingers, maybe no room. See below for my new ring but maybe it just felt stupid. Or too boring and non flashy. OT. My name has ana in it, my husband's called Brian and he bought me a new bloody massive replacement engagement ring for my birthday there. I'm just...