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  1. cece5300

    GUILTY MA - Conrad Roy, 18, urged by friend, commits suicide, Fairhaven, 13 July 2014 #2 *guilty*

    Supposedly his dad was abusive toward him. He wrote in his journal that his father beat him. His mom was also arrested (but not convicted) for domestic violence against the father. Conrad has also had 4 previous suicide attempts. I still think Michelle carter bears culpability for his final...
  2. cece5300

    GUILTY MA - Conrad Roy, 18, urged by friend, commits suicide, Fairhaven, 13 July 2014 #2 *guilty*

    Did anyone watch the HBO documentary? A lot of people sympathized with Michelle after watching. I don’t know how to feel about that. I think she bore some responsibility and her behavior and encouragement for him to end his life was awful and worthy of the charges. His family doesn’t seem...
  3. cece5300

    Found Deceased UT - REMAINS FOUND - MacKenzie "Kenzie" Lueck, 23, Salt Lake City, 17 June 2019 #12 *ARREST*

    Ugh I wish I could remember the case. Didn’t another case try this? It was a horrible man and a woman and they lured a friend over and she died and they threw her body in the water? It didn’t work and he was found guilty. I remember now. Lizzie Marriot
  4. cece5300

    Found Deceased IL - Andrew Freund, 5, Crystal Lake, 17 April 2019 *Arrests* - #2

    Following. Haven’t visited this place in a while and so much has changed but I just saw the news and am so devastated. Waiting for the presser with you all.
  5. cece5300

    Aruba - Natalee Holloway, 18, Oranjestad, 30 May 2005 #1

    Praying for peace for Natalee and for closure for all who love her
  6. cece5300

    GUILTY SC - Nine killed in Emanuel AME Church shooting, Charleston, 2015; Dylann Roof GUILTY #3

    This is why I've changed my opinion on the DP. I am uncomfortable with it for the most part, but in certain cases (surely in this case) I feel like the defendant deserves it. But then, after all that, they never get executed (like Scott Peterson) and it makes me angry. Don't give them a death...
  7. cece5300

    GUILTY CT - Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48, & 2 daughters killed in home invasion, 23 July 2007

    Random but I was thinking of Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela today. :rose:
  8. cece5300

    FL - Michelle Mishcon, 53, & John Stevens, 59, murdered, Tequesta, 15 Aug 2016 - #1

    I am not intending to defend this animal, BUT the ID he had on him was a fake ID (it said his name was Austin Moore). Frighteningly enough, many college students have fake IDs. I'm assuming that's what they mean by saying he gave police a fake name. I could be wrong! But I read that's why it...
  9. cece5300

    FL - Michelle Mishcon, 53, & John Stevens, 59, murdered, Tequesta, 15 Aug 2016 - #1

    To be honest, he's an absolute monster but if he's mentally ill, he needs treatment (and to serve out his sentence in an institution). I have thought perhaps he had schizophrenia or was developing it. It definitely sounds like a psychotic break, especially judging by the videos he'd been...
  10. cece5300

    KS - Caleb Schwab, 10, dies on 17-story Schlitterbahn waterpark slide, Aug 2016

    We used to go to Wet n Wild around here. They put the lightest in the front because if the heaviest was in the front, the raft would topple over forward easily. Usually I've only seen either rafts with 4'people or rafts with 2 people, so with a raft with 3 people, I agree that it's odd that the...
  11. cece5300

    The Grand Jury & Trial

    Thank you for the link! he makes me feel physically sick and I'm in agreement with both of you. I was just wondering why the PP thought he "stood a good chance" of getting off easy. I'll be checking back here, hopefully we can stream the trial..
  12. cece5300

    The Grand Jury & Trial

    Does he deserve to get off easy? I've heard of cases where babies and children are left in hot cars, but mostly I've sympathized with the parents. I don't think they deserve to be punished, I think losing a child in that way and knowing its your fault is punishment enough and my heart breaks for...
  13. cece5300

    GUILTY TX - Haruka Weiser, 18, found murdered, UT-Austin campus, 3 April 2016 *Arrest*

    SO sad all around :( He seemed to have wanted to make something of his life. What happened between then and now?? This poor girl :( She seemed very talented and loved. What a senseless loss
  14. cece5300

    GUILTY IN - Shaylyn Ammerman, 14 mos, Spencer, 23 March 2016 #2

    I'm so saddened by this case. It's disheartening that these things continue to happen, even more so that these children are being betrayed by their own family members / people closest to them. This poor angel :( Going night night with her blankie and her paci...there are so many families who...
  15. cece5300

    FL FL - Baby Willow, newborn, Orlando, 15 February 2016

    I live near Orlando (seems to be a hot spot for bad things happening, ugh) and am watching the news right now. Praying this sweet baby is found, I am so worried about what could have become of her. :(
  16. cece5300

    OK - Five Bever family members slain in their Broken Arrow home, 22 July 2015 *Guilty*

    I agree. I hate to be so closed minded, I don't like to think of myself that way, I never want to be someone who says "DEATH PENALTY!" without hearing the whole story, but in this case, this crime is so awful. If these kids were abused, that is terrible, there's no excuse. But the nature of this...
  17. cece5300

    MA - Bella Bond, 2, found dead, Deer Island, Boston Harbor, June 2015 - #6

    Thinking of this sweet angel baby girl tonight. :(