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  1. Betty Boop

    Casey to be given new name & moved to secret location. Where is Casey?

    I don't think Casey will want to give up the CMA initials. We should just be on the lookout for a shot girl (supervisor) with a name like Candy Mason-Angel. (That is Cheney's last name and Jose's Middle name, hyphenated. I think Casey would like that.) P.S. When I was Googling Cheney...
  2. Betty Boop

    Post-Verdict: What's Next? Predictions?

    Every time Casey Googles herself (and I'm sure she will -- a LOT), photos of Caylee are going to come up. Every time she turns on the TV there is the possibility that she will see Caylee's pictures across the screen. Every time she passes a news stand she will see pics of Caylee. It will not be...
  3. Betty Boop

    Casey, "Don't worry, I haven't said anything.."

    There is a place on the jail tapes with Cindy and George where Casey says, "I wish this had never happened." I think that statement is less about Casey's remorse and more about Casey getting a shot at Cindy about the fight of the 15th.
  4. Betty Boop

    2011.07.14 HLN News Coverage - Caylee Anthony

    Leonard Padilla said he is filing a lawsuit against Casey, and that either Casey's attorney can accept service for her, or he will hunt her down and serve her. Leonard loves to be in the spotlight. How fitting for Casey to have a bounty hunter on her tail. :bananalama: :bananalama...
  5. Betty Boop

    Casey to be given new name & moved to secret location. Where is Casey?

    As for where Casey will go upon release, I say follow Geraldo's yacht.
  6. Betty Boop

    What questions are still unanswered?

    Awww . . . thanks for bringing up Natalie Wood. Every time I see Robert Wagner on those commercials he does, I am reminded of that whole suspicious scenario about her death. She was so beautiful!
  7. Betty Boop

    Details Emerge: Casey/Cindy Fight - Part 3

    I was thinking about the fight on the 15th. It could explain the following: "Don't worry, I haven't told them anything." (Casey to Cindy in jailhouse tape. Suggests a coverup by the whole family regarding the fight.) "Was this like the last time?" (Lee to Casey in jailhouse tape. Maybe in...
  8. Betty Boop

    Did the jury get it wrong, or...

    The jury got it wrong. You know that analogy that lawyers often use about what a circumstantial case is like? It goes like this: If you go to bed and there is no snow on the ground, and you wake up the next morning and there is snow on the ground, you can reasonably conclude that it snowed...
  9. Betty Boop

    Theory: could this have been a defense plan?

    BBM. Yes, Baez would have known to tighten up the communications early on, so that everything went through him.
  10. Betty Boop

    Cindy's cousin speaks out about George's guilt

    BBM. :floorlaugh::floorlaugh::floorlaugh:
  11. Betty Boop

    Post-Verdict: What's Next? Predictions?

    I read something about Casey maybe going to stay with some of CA's distant relatives. Also, that CA might be escorting her there! Don't know if it's true, but I can believe that CA would do that. I also think that CA would tip off the media about it. Just MOO.
  12. Betty Boop

    Post-Verdict: KC not seeing parents -KC refuses visit with CA on Fri 7/8

    I don't think she will go live with them, but I do think she will head over to Hopespring to get some of Caylee's stuff (to sell, oops I mean license).
  13. Betty Boop

    Post-Verdict: What's Next? Predictions?

    When Casey gets out of jail and Googles her name, she will be surprised to see just how popular she is. She will have a hard time understanding that she is not famous -- she is infamous. I think she will be very "frushtrated" that the entire world does not understand her being a victim. Casey...
  14. Betty Boop

    Do you trust this jury?

    I was the foreperson for a hung jury many years ago. Robbery/kidnap case. Not a high profile case, but well-known locally. Deliberated three days. We all wanted to do the right thing, but one lady thought the right thing was different than the other 11 of us.
  15. Betty Boop

    The Anthony $$$ Train: Will You Fuel It?

    Not interested in any memorabilia whatsoever. Would buy books that are made available for the Kindle. Prefer to read books by LDB, JA or YM so I can gather more facts. I might read a book written by CA as I like to dig into all facets of a subject. Seeing how she thinks would be...
  16. Betty Boop

    Casey and Family Psych Profile #11

    I haven't read that one yet, but I am starting to read CA's letters to ICA. Very interesting. Thanks for the link!
  17. Betty Boop

    Poll: How did JA do in closing arguments?

    Awesome! Out of the park! :rocker:
  18. Betty Boop

    Dead Pets

    In "The Bad Seed" movie, when the girl's mom questions her about the little boy's death and the little girl clenches her fists and grits her teeth and says "Mutherrrrrrrrr" it so reminds me of Casey on the jailhouse tapes. And while I'm posting about this, might as well mention that it has...
  19. Betty Boop

    What questions are still unanswered?

    I would like to know why she Googled "chloroform habit".
  20. Betty Boop

    Dead Pets

    I love this thread! I have followed this case since the beginning, and there are very few AHA! moments. When JB opened up the questioning about the pets and how they were wrapped, it was an amazing AHA! moment for me. Quite a few things fell into place for me (thanks JB). Follow the pets.