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  1. Mustang Sally

    NV - 59 Dead, over 500 injured in Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas, 1 Oct 2017 #4

    I Think you have figured SP figured out! IMHO the sorry piece of chit and is basically is a Narcissistic Egomaniac! I also feel like he was on a Fantasy Hunting Trip! He was no longer getting a mental high from his gambling wins or hunting trips to Alaska! . Therefore, he became obsessed...
  2. Mustang Sally

    Found Safe TN - Mary Catherine Elizabeth Thomas, 15, Maury County, 13 March 2017 #10

    For some strange reason this case reminds me of the young school girl taken from the East coast (Brittany Smith??). The guy drove her across the country and they camped out the entire time. I think that he had tats's all over his legs.and was inside a WalMart. The young girl was waiting outside...
  3. Mustang Sally

    LA - Baton Rouge. 3 officers killed/3 wounded, 17 July 2016

    I just found this! Very interesting and totally over the top! He sent this 3 page handwritten manifesto to a rapper named Karima Karama about 30 minutes before he was first reported being seen.
  4. Mustang Sally

    Found Deceased FL - AMBER ALERT: Diana Alvares, 9, Fort Myers, 29 May 2016 #1

    Comcast just came on with an Amber Alert for Diana Alvares and named Guerrero with the car description and tag number! Yay!
  5. Mustang Sally

    VA - Nicole Lovell, 13, Blacksburg, 27 January 2016 #5 *Arrests*

    Watching NK in that clip made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Her actions, movements and body size gave me flash backs of FelonCaseyAnthony's many booking videos! Perhaps NK & FCA were cut from the same evil cloth. Rest In Peace Little Angels Caylee Anthony & Nicole Lovell!
  6. Mustang Sally

    GUILTY SC - Grace Carlson-SantaCruz, 5 mos, Myrtle Beach, 3 Nov 2015

    Oh Dear, Not another crime in Myrtle Beach! Those poor officers of the Horry County Sheriff's Department have been through a lot in the past few years. There are so many missing persons in the town/county, you would think it was part of the Bermuda Triangle! Now a precious 5 month old baby...
  7. Mustang Sally

    MI MI - Tanner Lucas, Alexander William, & Andrew Ryan Skelton, Morenci, 26 Nov 2010 #7

    I saw your post on the front page and jumped straight here. BUT, sadly no closure! I am a firm believer that these boys are alive. I think that the father placed them with some kind of skin-head or underground survivalist group that he passed them off to. My other theory is this that he met...
  8. Mustang Sally

    TX - Dr. Kendra Hatcher, 35, killed in parking garage, Dallas, 2 Sept 2015 - #1

    Just thought of this! What if the new boyfriend has an ex who is upset about him moving on to such a beautiful and sucessful woman? That would certainly be a motive to hire all of these people! Remove the new girlfriend and then he comes back to you for comfort! JMHO Rest In Peace Dr...
  9. Mustang Sally

    GUILTY FL - Voncile Smith, 77, & two sons brutally murdered, Pensacola, 28 July 2015 *Arrest*

    Such a sad, sad story. Three people innocent people are dead! These two quotes really stood out to me from a TV article! I think they are very important "Voncile’s husband recently passed away from dementia, relatives told News 5, and it had a deep impact on the family." "However...
  10. Mustang Sally

    MS - Jessica Chambers, 19, found burned near her car, Panola County, 6 Dec 2014 - #11

    A "Thanks" was not enough! Very interesting read! Filled in a lot! You are a absolute "Doll!" :loveyou: sally
  11. Mustang Sally

    MS - Jessica Chambers, 19, found burned near her car, Panola County, 6 Dec 2014 - #10

    I had a post from yesterday that was also deleted! A Mystery to Me. That has Never happened before! I was just giving My Humble Opinion and not attacking anyone's previous post! If I offended anyone and my post was given an alert to a Mod. Please Forgive Me. It was By No Means My Intent! I was...
  12. Mustang Sally

    Connecticut school district on lockdown after shooting report at a Newtown elemen #11

    New Update: Home of Adam Lanza To Be Torn Down, And Left As Open Space This has to be such a relief for the other people in that neighborhood and the town! Dear God Please Bless All The Families of Sandy Hook School & Newtown, CT!
  13. Mustang Sally

    Casey's Ghost Writer Breaks His Silence ...

    So Totally OFF Topic, BUT! OMG...I found this a few minutes ago and I hope it is a joke! I really think it is a satire website like "The Onion!" "What should be the name of Casey Anthony's new reality show? News broke today that Casey Anthony, the woman famously acquitted in 2011 of murdering...
  14. Mustang Sally

    OR OR - Stephanie Warner, 43, Ruch, 4 Jul 2013 - #2

    I think you have figured it all out. This sequence of events is the most realistic of all the ones we here at WS have came up with! Sweet Stephanie touched a place in my heart and her family deserves some clousure! Dear God...Please Bring Stephanie Anne Warner Home to Those Who Love Her!
  15. Mustang Sally

    IL IL - Cynthia Hernandez, 16 & Nathan Pena, 2, Chicago, 9 Feb 2014

    This is so weird... THREE Kids Missing from Florida with the same last name...Pena I do Not know how to start a new when I post this I am going to alert a mod... Dearest Mod...Please...
  16. Mustang Sally

    FL FL - Tiffany Heaven Daniels, 25, Pensacola State College, 12 Aug 2013

    Back to Page #1! Where is Tiffany Heaven Daniels? Dear God...Please Bring Tiffany Home!
  17. Mustang Sally

    FL FL - Tiffany Heaven Daniels, 25, Pensacola State College, 12 Aug 2013

    I still feel the "Media" is staying away from this story because it may paint a "bad picture" of their perfect resort town. MSM does not want to admit that something bad could/did happen to Tiffany. My heart aches for her family! Who else out there, knows something about all her...
  18. Mustang Sally

    AL AL - Brittney Wood, 19, Mobile, 31 May 2012 - #10

    Quote of the Thread!!! I still wish that the molesters were GPS chipped like our pets...and that it was inserted in their privates! Place that thing ( using that huge needle...LOL) in their most sensitive area! That way they can not cut it out/off like their "ankel bracelets!" Dear...
  19. Mustang Sally

    FL FL - Tiffany Heaven Daniels, 25, Pensacola State College, 12 Aug 2013

    Where Is Tiffany Heaven Daniels? I hope someone is not getting away with murder! Dear God....Please Bring Tiffany Home!
  20. Mustang Sally

    GUILTY NH - AH, 14, North Conway, 9 October 2013 - # 3

    Great Thoughts........ Gary Michael Hilton....kidnapped and killed John and Irene Bryant, Merideth Hope Emerson and my friend Cheryl Hodges Dunlap....They were all taken, killed or left in National Parks. He had an Astro Van which was used to keep three of the wonderful people alive while he...