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  1. kgeaux

    School District offers Family Thousands to keep Autistic student out of school.

    After reading the release they want you to sign, I've gotta agree with you. There isn't a scenario I can imagine that would make me sign that!
  2. kgeaux

    Can Polygraph Instructors help people to pass test?

    A dear friend, a police officer, informed me years ago to NEVER submit to a polygraph and to teach my sons not to, either. He said the results are too subjective and the science is not good.
  3. kgeaux

    Another "oh! sweet dog!" story; but it didn't begin that way for Bo the pit bull....

    What a nice looking dog! And cop! I have a pit; he is a lap dog and the most affectionate dog I've ever owned. Bo is a lucky dog and I hope he and his new owner live long and prosper!
  4. kgeaux

    CA CA - Stephanie Crowe, 12, Escondido, 21 January 1998

    I never saw the movie, but I did watch the interrogation. It was very clear to me that Michael didn't have a clue as to what had happened, had no involvement in what had happened, and was a young guy in grief over the death of his sister who was being harangued and lied to by police officers...
  5. kgeaux

    CA CA - Stephanie Crowe, 12, Escondido, 21 January 1998

    Have you ever watched the interrogation of Michael Crowe? It's pretty clear that he "confesses" only after being bullied and lied to for HOURS. He has to be told what to confess!
  6. kgeaux

    WV - Aydin Toler, 2, beaten to death, Amherstdale, 17 Oct 2012

    What a gorgeous child. I am so heartbroken that those who should have loved and cherished this child the most could not be trusted with his wellbeing. How many more, Lord? Don't you look forward to a world where moms and dads can be trusted with the precious lives of their babies?
  7. kgeaux

    CA CA - Stephanie Crowe, 12, Escondido, 21 January 1998

    Refresh my memory?
  8. kgeaux

    CA CA - Stephanie Crowe, 12, Escondido, 21 January 1998

    I have made all my sons watch the "Interogation of Michael Crowe" . I am very PRO victim, but NOT at the expense of innocent persons being coerced into false confessions. This is my "go to" case for why innocent persons should ALL invoke their right to a lawyer.
  9. kgeaux

    Stranded paraplegic survives 3 days in NM desert

    I cannot imagine seeing a man dragging himself through the desert and waving and driving on without offering some sort of assistance. At the very least, I'd crack the window, throw him a bottle of water and tell him I was contacting 911 to help him!
  10. kgeaux

    MSU professor strips naked in classroon and runs down hall screaming

    I sure do hope that if I ever lose it and flip completely out, I do it in private. Poor guy.
  11. kgeaux

    LA - Damon Thibodeaux, death row inmate, exonerated in '96 murder

    I believe every single interrogation should begin with the officers informing the suspect that they can leave at any time. I am totally convinced that many citizens DON'T know their rights. Especially the ones who have lower IQ'S or other issues that causes them to give in to manipulation...
  12. kgeaux

    LA - Damon Thibodeaux, death row inmate, exonerated in '96 murder

    That is absolutely true. I don't want to minimize torture, so please, everybody, read this carefully! What I'm going to say is to ADD to Nova's comment; please don't think I'm comparing torture to interrogations. Many people who have made confessions which were ultimately determined to...
  13. kgeaux

    Brandon Scott Lavergne - Guilty Plea and LWOP

    Speaking just for myself, I'm going to hang on to the right to own and bear arms with all my strength. And our constitution is not ridiculous, either.
  14. kgeaux

    Walter the Crow and his Human Family

    What a great story!
  15. kgeaux

    ‘Psychopaths’ Have an Impaired Sense of Smell

    I lost my sense of smell when I was pregnant. It came back after delivery but in a diminished capacity. (I had to be up close to smell yucky diapers, for instance and that is not a complaint!) I *think* the Alzheimer's test is the inability for the person to identify what they are...
  16. kgeaux

    GUILTY TX - Stacey Stites, 19, found murdered, Bastrop, 23 April 1996 *Appeal 2021*

    I haven't read the article at the link yet; just wanted to jump in and say it would be a flat out miracle if there is only ONE innocent man on Death Row. Off to read....
  17. kgeaux

    Missing kindergartener prompts parent to question procedures

    Totally unacceptable response from the school. It is a blessing the child was found by another parent, because it could just as easily been a predator in a van who found him. This school needs to review and tighten up their policies TODAY. They've been given an opportunity to examine how to...
  18. kgeaux


    Hubby worked for a company that "lost" a radioactive tool off the back of a truck about twenty years ago ( result of a bad traffic accident on the interstate) unfortunately it WAS found by some kids. State Police found the kids playing with it a few hours later. Radioactive source was...
  19. kgeaux

    Brandon Scott Lavergne - Guilty Plea and LWOP

    I believe that the victim count will be at least three more young women. I am not sure how many more, but at LEAST three more. I am basing this completely on CajunNet.