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  1. lindugh

    LA - Ciaya Whetstone, 21, died after dropped off @ hospital by Uber, New Orleans, 19 Feb 2022

    College student from SC dropped off dead at hospital by Uber died from fentanyl South Carolina: College student died from fentanyl (
  2. lindugh

    Identified! DE - Townsend, WhtFem Skeletal 132UFDE, 33-63, off Route 13, Jun'77 - Marie Petry Heiser

    So the children were actually adults when their mother disappeared. Seems they didn't know her at all.
  3. lindugh

    Found Deceased NC - Stephanie Mayorga, 27, & Paige Escalera, 25, Wilmington, 15 Apr 2020

    According to the article I read, the call came in just before midnight WPD believe missing Wilmington women’s car had ‘extremely high-velocity’ crash the night of their disappearance | Port City Daily
  4. lindugh

    MI MI - Tanner Lucas, Alexander William, & Andrew Ryan Skelton, Morenci, 26 Nov 2010 #7
  5. lindugh

    ID - DeOrr Kunz, Jr., 2, Timber Creek Campground, 10 July 2015 - #31

    Sure wish we could see his body language.
  6. lindugh

    GUILTY CA - Michelle Lozano, 17, & Bree'Anna Guzman, 22, murdered, Los Angeles, 2011 *Arrest* Lozano’s body was found April 26, 2011, near the southbound 5 Freeway at State Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue in Boyle Heights. A homeless person called police after finding the girl’s nude body in a...
  7. lindugh

    Found Deceased CA - Jeanette Herum, 29, Santa Cruz, 22 Nov 2012

    Anyone thinking possibly biker gang involvement?
  8. lindugh

    SC - Todd Kohlhepp, known and possible victims

    After reading about the Superbike murders, and some people originally thinking it could have been the MM, my thoughts went to the Pike County murders of the Rhodens. Wasn't that family doing a lot of buying/selling of real estate? Just makes me wonder. Anything seems possible with this guy.
  9. lindugh

    NC - Erica Lynn Parsons, 13, Rowan County, 19 Nov 2011 - #6 *Parents chgd w/Murder*

    I haven't read all the feeds here but as much as I could over the last couple of days doing internet searches. Yes, a lot of broken links. I am so disgusted by this ENTIRE family of Parsons and Casey's. No one intervened and all seemed to turn a blind eye UNTIL Jamie talked to LE. I can't...
  10. lindugh

    GUILTY CA - Justice Rees, 2 wks, Woodland, 24 Feb 2015

    I am so glad Samantha is being prosecuted for Justice's death. In all fairness, the Judge should throw the book at all involved... Frank, his enabling parents, Samantha's parents, the hospital workers who knew Samantha was loaded/drunk when coming in to feed her baby, and the social workers who...
  11. lindugh

    GUILTY CA - Justice Rees, 2 wks, Woodland, 24 Feb 2015

    Now I know where Rees learned his stellar parenting skills. Those poor children. Did Samantha not have any emotional support from her family? Such bad choices. "He and Green shared one bedroom, his parents each used their own separate bedroom, and his children “camped out” on the...
  12. lindugh

    Found Deceased KY - Gabriella Doolin, 7, Allen Co., 14 Nov 2015 #2 *Pled Not Guilty, rec'd Life Sentence*

    My impression was that he was crying and that it may have been his mother in the courtroom who was also crying. I feel bad for him. I don't think he realized the implications of his threats and definitely didn't consider the consequences of his actions. He thought his father was being...
  13. lindugh

    Deceased/Not Found MD - Sarah, 3, & Jacob Hoggle, 2, Clarksburg, 9 Sept 2014 *Arrest*

    This story always makes me think of the Skelton boys. Where are they? I can still remember their sweet smiling faces. Another sad story.
  14. lindugh

    ID - DeOrr Kunz Jr, 2, Timber Creek Campground, 10 July 2015 - #14

    Wait a sec. I'm pretty sure Vernal said in their first televised interview that they went "exploring". Sheriff says "fishing". Are they one in the same?
  15. lindugh

    ID - DeOrr Kunz Jr, 2, Timber Creek Campground, 10 July 2015 - #13

    I find it odd that in the parents interview they said they went exploring. SB says they went with IR to check out a fishing hole. Why 2 different stories? SB didn't say who went into the store that day. Was it mom, dad & deorr or just mom & dad or just dad. If mom & dad went into the...
  16. lindugh

    CA CA - Matthew Greene, 39, Mammoth Lakes, 16 July 2013

    Glasses found were not Matthew Greene's.
  17. lindugh

    CA CA - Matthew Greene, 39, Mammoth Lakes, 16 July 2013

    Has it been reported what was left at the campground? Tent, sleeping bag, clothing? Any pings from his cell phone? Any pics of his campsite? Was there anyone on duty who came around to collect campground fees? What were the contents of his last telephone call(s) and text(s)? When did he...
  18. lindugh

    CA CA - Matthew Greene, 39, Mammoth Lakes, 16 July 2013

    Where is his Subaru?