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  1. 007mom

    FL - Ryan Rogers, 14, fatally stabbed, Palm Beach Gardens, 16 Nov 2021 *Arrest*

    I wasn’t diagnosing anyone as I’m not qualified to do so. I was merely pointing out what Semmie Williams said in his YouTube videos. That in no way whatsoever constitutes “diagnosing.” No one should make assumptions or criticize the comments of another in these threads. That’s not what this...
  2. 007mom

    FL - Ryan Rogers, 14, fatally stabbed, Palm Beach Gardens, 16 Nov 2021 *Arrest*

    And the thing about FedEx trucks/vans. I can’t remember the specifics because there were so many things. He saw danger in just about everything. Three people walking together were referred to as triangles. So much symbolism and he saw it everywhere, even people in wheelchairs.
  3. 007mom

    FL - Ryan Rogers, 14, fatally stabbed, Palm Beach Gardens, 16 Nov 2021 *Arrest*

    If they met each other in passing on the narrow path shown in crime scene photos, I wonder if Ryan stopped his bike to let Semmie pass by and a verbal encounter took place. That’s how I visualized it must have occurred, but I obviously don’t really know how things played out that night. It’s...
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    FL - Ryan Rogers, 14, fatally stabbed, Palm Beach Gardens, 16 Nov 2021 *Arrest*

    Since I have not seen it mentioned yet, I wanted to share some quick observations that I picked up from Semmie’s comments in his YouTube videos. Note that these comments were random and did not come from one specific video. Instead, as I listened to the videos, I listened specifically for...
  5. 007mom

    DC DC - David Stern, 29, Northeast Washington, 27 Nov 2018

    Thinking about this case as tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of David’s disappearance. Was hoping to see that his family and fiancé had answers by now as to what happened to him. More and more, it’s like people are vanishing into thin air.
  6. 007mom

    NC Bobbie Jo Doster Johnson, 26, murdered, Kannapolis, NC, 28 December 1998

    Bobbie Jo Doster Johnson was a 26-year-old white female at the time of her death. She was residing in an apartment on Corban Avenue SE in Concord, North Carolina with a friend. Ms. Johnson was last seen alive leaving the apartment with an unknown male on December 24, 1998. Her body was found in...
  7. 007mom

    NC Kennard Elliott Littlejohn, 32, murdered, Harrisburg, NC, 17 February 1984

    Kennard Elliott Littlejohn was a 32-year-old black male at the time of his death. Littlejohn resided in Charlotte, North Carolina. Littlejohn was a computer specialist who had just returned to the United States from Saudia Arabia. Kennard was last seen alive on February 15, 1984 leaving his...
  8. 007mom

    NC Frances Hess Souther, 56, murdered, Concord, NC, 27 November 1992

    Frances Hess Souther was a 56-year-old white female at the time of her death. Ms. Souther resided in Concord, North Carolina. Ms. Souther was employed as a cafeteria worker at a local elementary school. Ms. Souther was last seen alive on the evening of Wednesday, November 25, 1992 by a neighbor...
  9. 007mom

    NC - Sheila Ann Bryant, 18, murdered, Concord, NC, 2 March 1997

    Eight-hour search finds no body in Concord pond
  10. 007mom

    NC Jerry Wayne Osborne, 18, murdered, Cabarrus County, NC, 25 January 1990

    Jerry Wayne Osborne was an 18-year-old white male at the time of his death. Osborne resided in Cabarrus County with his grandmother. Osborne was found in his grandmother's home with a gunshot wound. Osborne was transported to a local hospital where he later died as a result of the gunshot wound...
  11. 007mom

    NC - Sheila Ann Bryant, 18, murdered, Concord, NC, 2 March 1997

    Shelia Ann Bryant was an 18-year-old white female at the time of her death. Bryant resided in Kannapolis with her mother and boyfriend. Bryant was reported missing by her mother on February 26, 1997 after having left her home in Kannapolis to walk to a nearby payphone. Bryant’s body was later...
  12. 007mom

    NC - Betty Ann Stevens, 45, murdered, Kannapolis, NC, 31 October 2004

    Betty Ann Stevens was a 45-year-old white female at the time of her death. She was last known to be alive at her Kannapolis, NC home on Saturday, October 30, 2004. A family member discovered her body in her home on Sunday evening, October 31, 2004. Anyone with information pertaining to this...
  13. 007mom

    NC - Katherine Alice Moody, 18, murdered, Cabarrus County, NC, 14 Sept. 2003

    Katherine “Katie” Alice Moody, 18, was last seen leaving her parents’ Kannapolis, N.C. home in her automobile on Saturday, September 13, 2003 at approximately 9:00 a.m. en route to visit a male acquaintance. The acquaintance stated that Katie visited and left his residence. Her mother...
  14. 007mom

    NC NC - Terry Tersak, 33, Asheville, 3 June 2009

    When someone works that hard to discredit their loved one who is “missing”, I do not trust their motives. Furthermore, these types seem to work overtime to infiltrate every possible forum, etc., that discusses their loved one so that they can attempt to stay one step ahead of law enforcement...
  15. 007mom

    SC SC - Tammy Kingery, 37, North Augusta, 20 Sept 2014

    I agree with you. I do believe that the woman seen on a motorcycle with a man was likely her. Just a hunch; however, it was her teen daughter and the daughter’s friend that said they believed they saw her pass them on the back of a motorcycle. Then the neighbor mentioned hearing a loud...
  16. 007mom

    Found Deceased AL - Natalie Jones, 27, Opelika, 5 July 2020

    Natalie had rented a place for her and the boys; however, something changed due to the pandemic. She and her two boys ended up having to move back in with her mother. That’s where she was living at the time of her disappearance. That location is in Corinth, GA.
  17. 007mom

    FL FL - Lauren Brittney Dumolo, 29, Cape Coral, 19 Jun 2020

    Detective Jones states in this article that the reason they “elevated Lauren’s case to endangered is because, when someone disappears voluntarily, they take their belongings, a wallet, a phone. In this case, she did not.“ Police work to trace Cape Coral woman's suspicious disappearance
  18. 007mom

    NC NC - Tammy Ann Grady, 34, Wilson, 26 Nov 2019

    This article provides so much information that I’ve not seen before. My gut tells me that she probably was killed in the argument mentioned. My heart hopes not for the family, but it sure doesn’t sound good.
  19. 007mom

    NC NC - Tammy Ann Grady, 34, Wilson, 26 Nov 2019
  20. 007mom

    Found Deceased KS - Marilane Carter, 36, Overland Park, enroute to Birmingham, 1 Aug, call from Memphis, 2 Aug 2020

    According to the Find Marilane page, she checked into the Quality Inn hotel at 3:37 a.m. on Sunday morning and checked back out at 6:08 a.m. That’s based on the hotel’s surveillance footage and time stamps. She wasn’t at the hotel but 2-1/2 hours, not enough time for even a decent nap after...