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    The Sidebar - Harris Trial #3 *VERDICT - GUILTY*

    I hope the jurors give interviews. I really would like to know what convinced them of malice murder. I think the lunch time video did it myself. Justice for sweet little Cooper! RIP little one.
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    Trial - Ross Harris #5

    Especially when someone has just buckled him into this car seat. This wasn't a van and Cooper's car seat was way in the back. RH is over 6 ft tall, the driver's seat had to be all the way back for him to fit. My husband is 5' 11" and he puts the seat all the way back to fit behind the wheel and...
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    Trial - Ross Harris #3

    So RHs biggest fear was leaving his baby in a hot car and watched videos - more than one on this subject. He goes into most likely air conditioned Chik-Fil-La and then carries Cooper back out to a hot car and struggles in the back seat putting Cooper into his car seat, which I bet was warm...
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    Trial - Ross Harris #2

    He remembers to go to chik-fi-la to stuff his face. He manages to remember all the girls he is texting. He remembers to bring in his briefcase & coffee. He remembers to go to lunch. He remembers to buy lite bulbs. He remembers how to get to the prostitute's hotel. He remembers to save his guitar...
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    Bruce Jenner Becoming a Woman and more...#2

    I am all for people being their authentic selves and imagine it must have been torture to live like he/she has for so many years. I keep thinking of his children and step-children. It has to be hard adjusting to this extreme change. No matter how "worldly or sophisticated" they act - this has to...
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    VERDICT WATCH - Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Break 2/27 thru 3/2

    Which ever way this verdict goes, I truly hope that the Alexander family can move on and find some peace and joy again. That this evil that came into their lives can be left behind and that they can begin to heal and rebuild their lives. This to me would be the real victory and one I think their...
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    Arias continues giving interviews to the media

    One of my favorites..forget which interview....She has received hundreds of postcards (all I could think of were the ones the WS peeps said they were going to send from Cancun, etc). She said it would logistically impossible to respond to all of them....and I thought Why? What else does she have...
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    Penalty Phase #13

    Do you think she will wear one of her designer T-shirts? Infomercial maybe? SNL could have a field day with this. What a piece of work she is! Unbelievable!
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    Penalty Phase #13

    Breaking News!! Jodi to do multiple TV interviews tonite......I smell an EMMY!
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    Aggravation phase #7

    Have HLN on in the background and thinking how ironic it is that while the testimony about throat slashing is being said..OJ Simpson's face is on the screen too. Weird!
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    aggravated waiting for the Aggravation phase #4

    I totally agree with you! It wasn't because she believed it though, it was because she knew he believed it. Sick & Twisted..yes she is.
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    Aggravation phase #2

    OMG...shut this demon seed down! She has been threatening to kill herself forever and surprise, surprise, she is still here. She will never kill herself. She will be writing letters to Judges for the next 100 years trying to get out. She is playing the suicide card so she doesn't have to listen...
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    Aggravation phase #1

    Just when you think you couldn't dislike this woman anymore, she open her mouth again. Just watched parts of her "fab" interview. Does she get to speak again during the Aggravation Phase..and what does she say "just give me the DP".
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    Amanda Berry (2003), Gina deJesus (2004), & Michelle Knight (2002) found alive! #1

    Unbelievable.....I am an older, sweaty Italian woman and I want to jump in Charles arms and give him a big ole hug!
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    Verdict Watch 05/06/2013

    Would love to be a fly on the jury room wall right now........imagine the discussion after all these weeks.
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    Closing Arguments- thread #171

    JVM just said that Juan just walked in full of energy, no notebooks or briefcase. He, more than anyone, has been waiting for this day...go Juan!
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    trial day 52: REBUTTAL; #159

    Does anyone know who is on witness list for today?
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    a view from the inside: observations from our own court observers #4

    Thanks for the updates KCL - hope you get some down time to relax this weekend.
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    trial day 33: the defense continues its case in chief #96

    Just wanted you to know that you are not alone with your mixed feelings about DP vs LWOP. I understand what you are trying to say. I think a lot of members are passionate about this because they have suffered a personal loss to violence which I haven't. I don't think I would be able to be on...