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  1. Murkywaters

    CA CA - San Diego, BlkFem UP103916, 18-25, found deceased in bathtub, Jun'99

    New addition to NamUs. Demographics Sex: Female Race / Ethnicity: Black / African American Estimated Age Group: Adult - Pre 30 Estimated Age Range: (Years) 18-25 Estimated Year of Death: 1999 Estimated PMI-- Height: 5' 6"(66 inches)...
  2. Murkywaters

    FL FL - Brenda Sue ''Suzie'' Lefler, 31, Greenacres, 2 May 1974

    A photo of Brenda has been added to her NamUs profile.
  3. Murkywaters

    NY NY - Andrea N Robinson, 29, Hamburg, 17 May 1996 On 5/17/1996 Andrea Robinson was last seen at her residence in Hamburg by her Husband in the morning. She was supposed to pick up her child from school that day. Instead, she called a friend to pick the child up. She told the friend that her car...
  4. Murkywaters

    TX TX - Thurlow M. Buchanan, 21, Fort Worth, 9 Nov 1987

    Thurlow has been added to The Charley Project. Missing Since: 11/09/1987 Missing From: Fort Worth, Texas Classification: Endangered Missing Sex: Male Race: Black Date of Birth: 04/12/1966 (57) Age: 21 years old Height and Weight: 5'9, 160...
  5. Murkywaters

    Found Deceased NE - William Leslie "Les" Arnold, 24, on the lam, Lincoln, 15 July 1967 *died in 2010, ID'd in 2023*

    Mystery solved. After escaping from prison in 1967, Arnold moved around the U.S. before eventually moving to New Zealand in 1992 and then to Australia in 1997, where he died in 2010...
  6. Murkywaters

    FL FL - Dana Ritter, 29, Davie, 20 Feb 2008

    Update from The Doe Network Dana Ritter (3716DFFL) was reported missing on February 20, 2008. Her case has been closed per law enforcement. No further information is available.
  7. Murkywaters

    TX TX - Misty, 15, & Crystal Ortega, 13, Mixton, 8 Aug 1995 Updated age progressions for Crystal, 40, (left) and Misty, 42 (right)
  8. Murkywaters

    OR OR - Krista De La Rosa, 19, Portland, 3 Aug 1990 Updated age progression for Krista, aged to 52 years.
  9. Murkywaters

    KS KS - Jennifer Lancaster, 20, Sidney, 1, & Monique Smith, 1 mo, Topeka, 12 May 2000

    Jennifer's Charley Project page, with updated details from the article. Details of Disappearance Jennifer was last seen in Topeka, Kansas on May 12, 2000. She and her two baby daughters, Sidney Smith and Monique Smith, left home at...
  10. Murkywaters

    KS KS - Jennifer Lancaster, 20, Sidney, 1, & Monique Smith, 1 mo, Topeka, 12 May 2000

    The Topeka Capital-Journal has just published an in-depth article about Jennifer and her daughters' disappearance. It's quite a mysterious case, not sure what to make of the new info...
  11. Murkywaters

    OR OR - Valerie Pryor, 32, Colton, 2 Feb 1989

    Additional photos of Valerie.
  12. Murkywaters

    OR OR - Valerie Pryor, 32, Colton, 2 Feb 1989 A photo of Valerie has been added to her NamUs profile.
  13. Murkywaters

    WI WI – Lisa Flowers, 23, Milwaukee, 15 Aug 1991 The Milwaukee Journal - July 9, 1993 Police seeking help in search for woman missing since 1991 The last time Melba Flowers saw her daughter Lisa, the young woman left her parents' home angry. That was almost two years ago, and now Melba Flowers...
  14. Murkywaters

    TX Terri Lynn Fregia, 23 missing from Tarkington, Texas June 1989 “Aunt Terri was always free-spirited. At first everyone in the family thought she had just left and would be back, but she never contacted anyone, and that was not like her. She would...
  15. Murkywaters

    CA CA - Martha Bennett, 28, Los Angeles, 1 Oct 1994

    NamUs recently replaced the original photo of Martha, and got rid of the previous one.
  16. Murkywaters

    VA VA - Lorenzo Smith, 34, Leesburg, 14 May 1982

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Additional details about Lorenzo's disappearance have been added to his NamUs Profile. Circumstance Notes Lorenzo Smith, Jr. was born in July 1947. Lorenzo served in the United States Army and was known as a skilled horse rider...
  17. Murkywaters

    CA CA - Maureen Russell Baca, 32, Adelanto, 21 Aug 1982

    I found some additional info on Maureen, It appears her maiden name was Murfee and she married David Baca in Biloxi, Mississippi in May of 1978. Maureen Russell Baca / Missing Person / Adelanto CA = notice -...
  18. Murkywaters

    NV NV - Nicole Antoinette Salazar, 19, Henderson, Sept 28, 1995

    What a beautiful girl! I hope the added photos mean that LE or someone else is taking interest in this case, there doesn't appear to be any information about Nicole or the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.
  19. Murkywaters

    WI WI - Wanda Thompson, 49, La Crosse, 4 July 1995

    You're welcome, I hope the La Crosse police are able to verify whether or not your mother has been found.
  20. Murkywaters

    TX TX - Althea Rogers, 35, Georgetown, 2 Oct 1985

    Some additional information regarding the circumstances of Althea's disappearance. Althea Lanelle Rogers, White F b. 8-12-50, Missing Person Althea Lanelle Rogers at the time of her disappearance was...