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    CA - Hannah,16,Devonte,15,&Ciera Hart,12 (fnd deceased),Mendocino Cty,26 Mar 2018 #6

    I agree with all my heart. If only they had the foresight to run away & a safe place to hide.
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    Long reddish haired girl with blue beaded red necklace

    I realize this is an older topic, however I had come across it yesterday and the photo absolutely haunted me even more than the others for some reason. Earlier today another case that has haunted me for years popped up and I could not shake the similarities in the two photos of the young women...
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    GUILTY NY - Adam Chase, 32, Stanley, 14 June 2012

    Hello, new here. This case is close to home for me since it took place just one town over and I did know the family in the past. It really bothers me that we are asked to help in locating Adam, but are not getting a lot of the details that led up to his disappearance as well as the contents of...