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    Found Deceased IA - Mollie Tibbetts, 20, Poweshiek County, 19 Jul 2018 #19

    It happened to Mickey Shunick. In her case, it was not an accident. She was targeted while riding her bicycle. But, she was hit while on the bike, put into a truck, and taken to another location where she was killed and yet another location where her killer intended to bury her.
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    What do Burke's interviews tell us?

    It was during the Dr. Phil interview. I believe it was during Part 3.
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    The DWT - The Truck(s?) and the Surveillance Images

    I've brought up this point before, but it was many threads ago and I'm sure it's gotten lost...I think we need to look at the reason LE decided to release this particular still of the DWT. If the camera on the building is taking continuous video, then the DWT would be clear of the road sign in...
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    LA - Mickey Shunick, 21, Lafayette 19 May 2012 - #31

    She could be...on the side of the truck that you cannot see.
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    LA - Mickey Shunick, 21, Lafayette 19 May 2012 - #31

    I am a long-time lurker, first-time poster, but I want to comment on something about the DWT before I fall asleep. If the camera that took the pic of Mickey and the DWT is continuous video, I find the choice of still LE used to ask the public for help in finding it interesting. Why show us a...