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    LE serves search warrant on family's home

    They way they seem to be digging a trench and then back up tp the building as if to gauge the depth makes me wonder if they are trying to get under the slab foundation of the building.
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    Legal Questions for our Verified Lawyers #4

    The 2010 Florida Statutes(including Special Session A) Title XXIX PUBLIC HEALTH Chapter 406 MEDICAL EXAMINERS; DISPOSITION OF DEAD BODIES View Entire Chapter 406.12 Duty to report; prohibited acts.—It is the duty of any person in the district where a death occurs, including all...
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    Legal Questions for our Verified Lawyers #4

    Are contempt charges by attorneys common and some charges not a big deal or is this very unusual?
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    2011.07.03 TRIAL Day Thirty-four - DEFENSE (JB) CLOSING ARGUMENTS

    Its happened to me in church! My brother was the tooter. And you know, the more you try to not laugh, the funnier it gets!!!! When my stiffled giggle turned into a snort, he started to laugh. We finally snuck out under the glare of our mother's eye!:floorlaugh:
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    Legal Questions for our Verified Lawyers #4

    quoting AZlawyer, "The perjury doesn't justify the new evidence--the fact that CA said new and unexpected things justifies the new evidence. The consequences could be serious for a lawyer suborning perjury--he could even lose his license--but we have no reason to think Mr. Lippman did...
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    Legal Questions for our Verified Lawyers #4

    JB objected to a lot of evidence today, I believe, in part, to establish grounds for appeal. Since CA did perjure herself as shown by today's testimony, doesn't the successful perjury justify the state bringing the evidence in? Also, what are the consequences if it is determined that a lawyer...
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    Legal Questions for our Verified Lawyers #4

    Do any of the lawyers on this site know if the FL bar would be watching this case on tv? Would they sanction a lawyer on their own or would a lawyer have to be turned in by a judge, another lawyer or whomever? Do you think they may have heard that the judge might contact them about JB? Thanks...
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    2011.06.27 TRIAL Day Twenty-nine (Afternoon Session)

    I was just coming to post that velveeta is shelf stable until opened. Even then, it just tends to dry out like other hard cheeses.
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    LIST Questions and Answers #9 LIST ONLY

    Who is FG? An attorney for the state? TIA
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    2011.06.25 TRIAL Day Twenty-eight (Morning Session)

    Is it her attorney? WFTV said that three seats in the back were reserved for them and their att.
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    2011.06.25 TRIAL Day Twenty-eight (Morning Session)

    Could ICA be telling the judge she wants to fire JB?
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    2011.06.24 TRIAL Day Twenty-seven (Afternoon Session)

    I'm not sure if this has been answered yet but the book is fiction, about kids locked away in the attic. The two oldest enter into an consensual incestious relationship. If memory serves correct. I sure hope the book is not a reflection of current society.
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    Legal Questions for our VERIFIED Lawyers #3

    What would/could happen if ICA fired JB? Could she make any petitions for mistrial due to incompetent representation at this point? Thanks.
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    Legal Questions for our VERIFIED Lawyers #3

    As a juror, if this were brought to my attention, I would be suspicious of TH being on speed dial, almost as if the dt knew ahead of time that when the body was found the condition would be such that TH would be needed for the defense. Are closing arguments limited to evidence presented? TIA
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    2011.06.17 TRIAL Day Twenty-one (Morning Session)

    Is the jury in court while the judge is questioning Huntington?
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    2011.06.16 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Twenty)

    If I were a juror I would be inclined to trust the simple and concise information elicited by JA as opposed to the convoluted mess JB elicited.:waitasec: