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    Penalty Phase #12

    This is totally disgusting.
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    SIDEBAR #4- Arias/Alexander forum

    Haha! You're right! Thank you!
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    SIDEBAR #4- Arias/Alexander forum

    Can anyone tell me what time court begins tomorrow? Can't believe I'm planning my day around it...!
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    penalty phase #11

    All these talking heads are now yapping about Dr. Drew's "reaction to his reaction of Samantha's statement." Why, oh, why do I watch this every night?
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    verdict watch 5/8/2013 #3

    It's after 10:00 am there. Why hasn't the clock started?
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    Jodi Arias Legal Question and Answer Thread *no discussion*

    Beth Karas reporting more "activity" at courthouse than yesterday. Fingers crossed.
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    Closing arguments- thread #176

    Is there a time limit on this? Did I hear he has a limit of 5 hours? Aren't we coming up on hour 150? Feels like it.
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    Closing arguments- thread #176

    I am sick. This is sickening. I so hope she gets the DP. And I am someone who's always been against the DP. This case has totally changed my mind.
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    Closing arguments- thread #174

    Oh, man. Is it too early to drink?
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    Closing arguments- thread #174

    Yes. As I recall, she went to Starbucks, then returned the gas can right after. Does anyone else remember that?
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    Closing arguments- thread #174

    Oh, God. He's always either "backing up" or "will talk about that later." I can't take it.
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    Closing arguments- thread #174

    I cannot follow this. He might as well be talking Pig-a-Latin. And JW looks as if she's falling asleep - or silently beating herself up for letting him do the closing.
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    Closing Arguments- thread #172

    I think he is doing a fantastic job. But wondering why he hasn't talked about how she's tried to ruin his character with the pedaphile allegation. Is he saving it for later? He has to address it at some point. It just tears me to pieces that she has accused him of this.
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    Closing Arguments- thread #171

    Why hasn't Juan mentioned her accusing Travis of pedophila? I want him to go after her for that.
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    State rests rebuttal case- thread #163

    That guy is ridiculous. Can HLN get any lower?
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    trial day 52: REBUTTAL; #160

    Court starts today at 9:30 (12:30 ET). Judge said it would be a short day.
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    trial day 52: REBUTTAL; #159

    Jean Casarus (sp?) just said on HNL that she has paid with credit cards for items - and gotten cash in return. Whaaat? That has never happened for me. They always say that you get the refund in the form you paid for it: Credit card gets credit card refund. Cash gets cash. Has anyone...