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    Found Deceased PA - White Haven, 'Beth Doe' & Unborn Baby 169UFPA, 16-22, Dec'76 *Evelyn Colon* *Arrest* #3

    I am sure the possiblity has been discussed but maybe WSR is someone's initals.
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    VA - Grateful Dead Fan - Unidentified male, 26 June 1995 - #2

    The 15th Anniversary is coming up..we should all come up with a cooperative game plan to ID this young truly breaks my heart. I was 15 when he met his untimely death..and myself went to my first concert on June 30th which just so happened to be the Grateful Dead,at Three Rivers...
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    Facebook Page

    In post #40 it says that the 914 AC was possibly located outside of Rockland NY. The shows prior to RFK were 6/18-Giants Stadium, 6/21-22-Knickerbocker Arena. The next show was at RFK on 6/24-25-the shows that he attended, next was the Palace in Auburn Hills,MI...followed by Pittsburgh on June...