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    GUILTY MI - Carnel Chamberlain, 4, Mount Pleasant, 21 June 2012 #1

    Hi Cubby, Southside Cubs fan here. Just wanted you to know I often think of Diamond and Tionda and send a prayer up to Heaven in their name. This case is breaking my heart today as theirs did so many years ago.
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    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Divorcing

    yeah, me either. I do like her though, I am actually happy that It is ending, I hate saying that but I really don't like him. He seems very controlling. hoping she's happy !
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    GUILTY FL - Dana Broberg for abducting 12yo girl, Margate, 2012

    When I grounded my son from the computer I had no idea about the wii. My husband disconnected it and told me he could access the internet from it. To me it was just a game. My son is 12 and so much farther advanced than I on these things.
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    GUILTY Canada - Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka, murdered, 1993

    :banghead: She is the evil that lurks in this world
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    Do you think Darlie premeditated the murders of Devon and Damon?

    to me, home is a safe haven. Whenever you walk through the door,you should feel loved unconditionally. Those poor babies. Mommy is supposed to be your best friend, your biggest fan. Again, my heart breaks for those boys.
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    Penn State Sandusky Trial #11 (Verdict - GUILTY!)

    MM is a very big boy himself, not like he was the waterboy for the team.
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    Signs of Danger Single Moms Need to be Aware of

    My neice was 2 when my sis and her ex divorced. My sister NEVER brought a man home to meet my neice. As far as she knew (or needed to know ) it was just her and her mom. My neice is now going off to college a smart and beautiful young woman and my sister says she wouldn't change a thing.
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    What happened to Isabel Celis?

    New to posting on the thread but I have been following the case. Thanks for the poll, I like to read what everyone is thinking. I'm just so sad that another child is gone , like Caylee, Zarah, Kyron Lisa and all the others before her broke my heart Isabel did as well. One day this will happen...
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    DC - AP IMPACT: Almost half of new vets seek disability

    Just recently we in Chicago had Poppy day, where Veterans stand on corners seeking donations for disabled Veterans and the VA hospitals. Why an 80s yr old man has to seek donations for those disabled fighting for this country ie beyond me. We don't care for our Vets like we should. Many came...
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    Queen Elizabeth II: her Diamond Jubilee weekend is upon us, 02 June - 05 June

    My favorite is #6... Long live the Queen...
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    IL - 6 Dead, 37 Wounded In Holiday Weekend Shootings

    :banghead:u I'm here in Chicago, not to far from where the little girl was killed. It's a shame and scary. I have a 12 yr old son that I don't even want to go outside to play. The main problem are gangs. I believe these gangbangers need to be charged as terrorists and sent to Gitmo. These...
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    MO - Boy, 13 mos, dies in hot car, Lee's Summit, 3 May 2012

    Daycare should have a call in policy like schools. If a child's sick a parent should call if the daycare doesn't get a call they should call the parent. This would hell prevent children being forgotten.
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    MO - Boy, 13 mos, dies in hot car, Lee's Summit, 3 May 2012

    I remember when my DS was born. We were blessed to have the best babysitter in the world, my mom. My DH would drop him off to my mom in the morning and I would take a train. But I told my mom if my husband ever didn't drop off the baby don't assume we were staying home. Always call me. I had a...
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    Germany Germany - Dirk Schiller, 3, Harz, 10 March 1979

    Heidi, my heart goes out to you. And I applaud your dedication to your son. You are truly the definition of the word mother. Never give up and know many people's prayers and good thoughts are with you and Dirk.
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    MA MA - Caleigh Harrison, 2, Rockport, 19 April 2012

    UKGirl I just posted the same thing yesterday in the Isabelle Thread thanks to CA and Susan Smith etc. The first thing we do now is question the parents. It's a shame but it is what it is and we hear about the atrocities parents inflict on their own children almost daily. I hope that GOD forbid...
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    AZ - Isabel Mercedes Celis, 6, Tucson, 20 April 2012 - # 9

    Mark Lunsford is a hero. My heart breaks for him. It's a shame that when a child.goes missing people are immediately looking at the parents but that is the way it is. Thanks to the Casey Anthony's and Susan Smiths of the world. Doesn't make it right infact its so wrong but it will always be...
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    NJ - Patricia Krentcil put 5yo daughter in tanning bed, Nutley, 2012

    Most parents lather their children in sunscreen this lady is whacked in the head. I hope the father gets permanent custody of the child.
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    AZ - Thomas Kemp executed for '92 murder of Tucson college student

    oh my, i have had.about 10th surgeries in 12 years and that happening is one of my worst fears. I feel so bad for you. Always remember to tell your surgon about this if you you ever require more surgery or the anesthesiologist.
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    GUILTY OH - Antonio Cervantes & Kenisha Pruitt for death of newborn, Toledo, 30 Jan 2012

    I don't understand how its easier for these people (and I use that term loosely ) to kill a child rather than taking the baby to a safe haven and letting the child have a life. Why is it easier ill never understand. So many people want that baby. So many people would love that baby. But these...
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    GUILTY OH - Antonio Cervantes & Kenisha Pruitt for death of newborn, Toledo, 30 Jan 2012

    Sometimes these people make me want to just turn off my computer forever. I know that won't stop it, but I won't know about it. I keep signing on because maybe there is someone out there I can help. Maybe a missing child I can spot somewhere. I hope these people rot in jail and then in hell.