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    SC - KB, 30, (alive) & Charlie Carver, 32, (dec'd) Anderson, 31 Aug 2016 *Arrest* #3

    Wow, this is crazy. Never did I think this guy would have more victims than K and sad. But at least some families can maybe get some closure now.
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    Found Deceased FL - Lane Graves, 2, Walt Disney World, 14 June 2016 #1

    Someone in this thread, I forgot who, said that they store food to eat it later. It was on page 27 I think.
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    FL - Mass Shooting at Pulse nightclub, Orlando, 12 June 2016 #2

    Huh? I've seen plenty of men (and women) kiss each other in public places such as the mall or at a store or even while they walk down the street. You don't need to go to a gay bar to see that. Just my opinion.
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    GUILTY TN - C.T., 9, Rogersville, 4 May 2016 #1

    I'm worried for this girl. On top of the items he purchased (nail polish, underwear, lipstick?) and someone said he had lots of batteries (for a camera??) I'm thinking the worst. They need to find her.
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    GUILTY IN - Shaylyn Ammerman, 14 mos, Spencer, 23 March 2016 #2

    I definitely think there were some questionable parenting choices going on in this situation. But this poor family just lost a beautiful baby girl. I feel horrible for them, even if I hold negative feelings towards their actions. This poor family has already been through enough. I can't even...
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    GUILTY IN - Shaylyn Ammerman, 14 mos, Spencer, 23 March 2016 #2

    This has made me sick to my stomach. KP is a sicko. I hope he gets the worst that the Justice system can give.
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    Found Deceased NY - Sierra Shields, 30, Queens, 14 January 2016

    This really sounds like a mental illness situation with suicide (Strange behavior that is out of character, quitting her job). You can try to rationalize what goes through a suicidal persons mind and try to understand why they would do it but in the end you won't get that far. She had only been...
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    Found Safe MS - Ariel Jackson, 18, Lafayette County, 16 March 2016

    I hope they find this poor woman safe and sound and she gets away from her abusive boyfriend. :praying:
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    TX - Caesar & Adriana Coronado, 14, murdered, Katy, 12 March 2016

    Very heartbreaking. I've been following this case since it started and I was really hoping that she would be found alive. She looks just like my niece. Rest in peace, beautiful girl. :(