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    Found Deceased IA - Mollie Tibbetts, 20, Poweshiek County, 19 Jul 2018 #31

    Oh man, this is not the news I was hoping for. Rest well, sweet girl
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    Found Deceased CA - Audrey Moran, 26, & Jonathan Reynoso, 28, Riverside County, 10 May 2017 #2 *4 arrested*

    Same here! Keep hoping they will be found but there is nothing new
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    Rebecca Zahau Wrongful Death/ADAM SHACKNAI FOUND RESPONSIBLE #6

    I am very emotional right now so forgive me for making a personal statement, but I need to get this out. Rebecca's case is very important to me...I read about it in 2011* and quickly became obsessed. I posted on the Hinky Meter repeatedly and ended up lurking here for years before joining. This...
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    TX TX - Rachel Cooke, 20, Georgetown, 10 Jan 2002

    This is one of my pet cases - Rachel's disappearance has always stuck with me, so I am glad to see a break! Hoping for closure for the family.
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    GUILTY OH - Alianna Defreeze, 14, Cleveland, 26 Jan 2017

    I came to the thread to ask what is wrong with people, but after reading the above link, I now feel compelled to ask WHY WAS THIS MAN FREE? 4 years for rape and attempted murder because it was whittled down to sexual battery and assault. Something is deeply wrong with our system and our society...
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    GUILTY TX - Zuzu Verk, 22, Alpine, 12 Oct 2016 #3 *Arrests*

    YES. I have been watching this one. So glad there will be a bit of justice here, even though it must be small comfort to Zuzu's family. Sleep well, sweet angel
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    SC - KB, 30, (alive) & Charlie Carver, 32, (dec'd) Anderson, 31 Aug 2016 *Arrest* #1

    This is one of the most unsettling things I have read on this website, and I have been here (at least lurking) since 2011. The social media aspect of it alone is chilling and the entire situation bothers me very much - I can't stop thinking about this couple and what is going on with them...
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    GUILTY MI - Chelsea Bruck, 22, Frenchtown Twp, 26 Oct 2014 #6

    OMG OMG - I am in shock.... FINALLY justice for Chelsea and her family! I took a self-imposed break from WS last month because it was all just too much, (I live in Orlando and the Pulse shooting triggered some latent PTSD) and the last thing I checked on was Chelsea's thread....the lack of...
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    Found Deceased Brazil - Rye Hunt, 25, Rio de Janeiro, 21 May 2016

    I concur with the other posters - the drug they ingested was not MDMA. They were probably TOLD it was, but were given something very different instead (bath salts / flakka, perhaps?). The effects of MDMA wear off in a few hours and apparently he was feeling this drug the next day. If Rye...
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    Found Deceased FL - AMBER ALERT: Diana Alvares, 9, Fort Myers, 29 May 2016 #1

    Wait - what? A roommate with no name? This case just keeps getting weirder. I have no idea what to think at this point! :confused::gaah:
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    Found Deceased FL - AMBER ALERT: Diana Alvares, 9, Fort Myers, 29 May 2016 #1

    My folks have a place approx 15 minutes north of San Carlos. I was in Ft. Myers for the holiday weekend and first heard about this on Monday morning - a small blurb on local media. Of course we weren't glued to the tv or radio all the pool, out grilling, running errands and things...
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    Found Deceased MA - Zachary Marr, 22, Boston, 13 Feb 2016 #2

    I kept checking yesterday morning to see if they had found him, because I just had this weird feeling that he would be found. Got distracted last night and just logged in now to check...can't say I'm surprised, but was still a bit of a shock in some ways to see that he had passed. Once it was...
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    KS KS - Rachel Pratt, 15, Garden City, 16 Jan 1995

    I the article it states that the boyfriend's mother was verbally bau dive to Rachel, calling her a liar and that her son held no responsibility. The boyfriend made a statement and did not dispute the relationship. I have a feeling that the boyfriend's mother took matters into her own hands, and...
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    Found Deceased FL - Hannah Zehner Brim, 23, Gainesville, 19 Jan 2016 *Arrest*

    So sad...a gorgeous young mom with a beautiful baby boy, and seemingly nowhere to turn. I don't have a good feeling about the outcome of this one, and it is truly heartbreaking :(
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    MI MI - Jasmine Moody, 18, Detroit, 4 December 2014

    This one has always really haunted me. I hope Jasmine is found soon, but I fear the guilty party (parties) will never come to justice, sadly.
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    GUILTY Canada - Noelle Paquette, 27, Sarnia, Ont, 31 Dec 2012 - #4

    I just read both articles......cheese and flippin' rice :scared::gaah::hills:
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    AZ AZ - Allison Feldman, 31, Scottsdale, 18 Feb 2015 #3

    Checking in on Allison's case. Can't believe that there has been so little progress! I hope LE has leads they are keeping close to the vest. Very sad :(