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    Tricia, I haven't been online much lately, but just now saw this. I will try emailing you at the address above.
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    MA MA - Joan Risch, 30, Lincoln, 24 Oct 1961

    I haven't posted on WS in ages, but ran across the Joan Risch cae somewhere online, and eventually came here. It kind of bothers me that a former local posts that everyone just somehow knows it was all related to an affair. Just because someone knew people back then that had affairs doesn't...
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    GA GA - Mary Shotwell Little, 25, Atlanta, 14 Oct 1965

    I haven't been on Websleuths in ages, and got to thinking about this case and had to google to remember the name and was led back here with news of a skeleton being found. Now I see someone has a POI. I guess the POI would be considered a serial killer ? Hope it is all resolved.
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    Found Safe TN - Mary Catherine Elizabeth Thomas, 15, Maury County, 13 March 2017 #1

    I wondered from the beginning if he took her to Costa Rica. Some people used to go there and live cheaply, but I don't know if any still do. This man doesn't have that much money and will have to go off grid or somewhere cheap, also where they won't be seen out and about.
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    Found Deceased CO - David Puckett, 6, Aurora, 31 Dec 2016

    I haven't been on Websleuths in a long time, but knew to come here for info about this missing child. I've read the whole thread, but am wondering if the neighborhood where David lives is in town? If he were able you'd think if any houses or people were around that he would have been spotted at...
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    Was Burke Involved? # 4

    I don't buy the forgiveness thing from the Ramseys unless they were medicated or under the influence of some pastor at the time. How could John forgive some phantom stranger that wasn''t even known or caught and could be out there hurting other children. He doesn't seem to have forgiven the...
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    Did John Ramsey carry the body to contaminate the scene or not?

    I've never thought he did, but my mind could be changing. I've always thought the note was mainly some silly attempt to try and fool only John, and that he insisted on calling cops, and had suspicions right off but figured it all out while waiting.
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    The Case of JonBenet Ramsey-CBS Sept. 18 # 2

    Me, too. I don't see how anyone thinks intruder after Ms. Archuletta, the 911 dispatcher, saying that she heard Patsy's demeanor totally change from barely able to speak into saying "we've called police, now what?". I figure John refused to go along with the note and insisted she call because...
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    Was Burke Involved? # 4

    Strange. Didn't he also say that JonBenet flaunted at the pageants? That is a very creepy word to use about a six year old child. I haven't seen anyone talking about it.
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    Was Burke Involved? # 4

    I've wondered if Burke's comments during his brief childhood interviews could be more revealing than anyone is saying. He asked if one man's watch was a rolex, he liked planes , he wanted expensive toys, he was very into his Nintendo system, he made beeping sounds, John was drawn distant, Patsy...
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    Day Number 1 What Convinces You There Was No Intruder/12 Days of JonBenet

    The fact the neither parent went in and checked Burke from head to toe for injuries convinced me most of all that there was no intruder. The pineapple digestion being in line with a time frame for digestion taking place during the head injury , but before death is also very convincing.
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    Members' Theories

    Going by all the evidence and new experts opinions, I think JonBenet was hit in head by someone wanting to hurt her, then the same person knew she was totally knocked out and didn't want to get into any trouble so strangled her and then put the wrist cords and duct tape on the mouth after...
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    Questions you'd like answers to...

    I have a lot of questions that could definitely be answered. Like, the blanket. What fibers or anything else was on it. Do they think it came out of the dryer or off the bed? Was there any of the cellar mold on JonBenet's feet? Why was there only one footprint if she were carried in. Was Burke...
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    Why would the Ramseys need to stage?

    Someone mentioned blood on the blanket, but I thought we'd never been told if anything was on the blanket? I remember blood spot on the pillow? I think the person who hit her in the head also strangled her and put the duct tape on the mouth and wrist cords, probably. The only thing to stage was...
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    Was Burke Involved ? # 3

    Even if BDI, an adult or adults covered at least some of it up and staged. Eventuallly, it might be proven. JonBenet had horrible things done to her corpse after death, during the time lay dying, and the initial injury. I have always thought that both kids were neglected after reading what...
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    By Accident Or On Purpose Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?

    I commented the other day on the older poll, but should have here. I have to say on purpose. If it were only the head injury and less staging then maybe it could seem accidental. The strangling and other staging makes the whole thing seem on purpose. If someone watched JonBenet closely while...
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    Who Killed Jon Benet Ramsey? Poll

    If I had to chose one after watching the recent programs I'd say the kid did it all except the note writing and wiping down of the body, which was done by the mom. I'm not totally set on that though and still can't totally get past Patsy doing it, and her possibly putting doubt into John's mind...
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    Was Burke Involved ? # 3

    Burke seemed very bright during the interviews when a child. Smart enough to stage a kidnapping if he'd seen that scenario in the movies. I'm wondering if a child who knew how to tie knots and sail would be capable of making a garrotte then saying a kidnapper must have gotten in. One might if he...
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    The Case of JonBenet Ramsey-CBS Sept. 18

    The only way I could think of might be a tiny sliver of the whittling shavings that didn't get vacuumed off the floor, maybe transferred to a hand or cloth used to wipe JonBenet? If that is normally how she was cleaned up though, that is sick. I'm still trying to figure out how Spitz thinks the...
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    The Case of JonBenet Ramsey-CBS Sept. 18

    What he said about probably hearing if someone hit JonBenet with a flashlite. Experts, I believe Spitzer, has said that there would have been a very loud noise when the skull was hit and fractured. Burke must realize this now at his age, but as a child he said whoever did it took her down...