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    Who was molested on the 23rd?

    I agree. I also feel BR bashed her in a rage but did not intend to kill her. And his parents covered it up to protect him. When the results of the Grand Jury indictments were finally made public, I believe there were 18 counts (9 for each parent) that the GJ recommended to indict on, and one of...
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    What's eating you alive re this case?

    rk The bladder releases urine at the moment of death when the muscles relax. But it would be hard to tell if the stains were from that or if she had wet her pants while alive. It was well known that she wet the bed every night- but most people feel she never went to sleep that night. Creatine...
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    Jonbenet Last Photo at White’s Christmas Party

    JB was found with the same hair tie at the topknot (upper ponytail) when she was brought up. Patsy said she always pulled JB's long hair into a ponytail for sleeping. My theory is that JB was awake when they got home, and as BR said, she walked into the house. She may have been sleepy/cranky...
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    The Re-Ordered American Girl Doll..

    Remember Patsy's sister was allowed to roam around the house/crime scene ALONE and unaccompanied by police when she went to "get some things for the funeral". One of these "things for the funeral" was oddly, JR's GOLF BAG, which can be seen in crime scene photos just outside the wine cellar door...
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    Who was molested on the 23rd?

    I had read that a fecally soiled pair of black pants belonging to JB had been found, not pajama bottoms. However, given that JB wet the bed every night, her pink pajama bottoms may have been urine-stained or blood stained if she had been wearing them when the abuse (coroner stated digital...
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    Ramsey house for sale again

    Does this mean the Ramsey house will actually be on that show?
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    What we know about Ransom Note

    Welcome. It was often said that the note looked like Patsy had tried to disguise her handwriting. After the crime, one of the teachers at the children's school made a comment that after JB's death, any notes written by Patsy did not look the same as the previous notes sent when JB was alive...
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    JonBenet Ramsey CORA Files Index

    I absolutely agree. That is why I never believed Burke did it. He might know something but that is it... John and only John knows the truth. Of course, none of us knows exactly how we would react if this horrific crime happened to our own little girl. They may have been willing to do whatever...
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    ML knew she was wrong to say that, and yes- it was politically motivated. Correct that NO one is cleared until and unless a killer is identified, and convicted. Especially persons in the house where the murder took place at the time of the death.
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    Who changed her clothes?

    I agree . I agree. I think the word was actually "vest" not "dress".
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    Who changed her clothes?

    The Wednesday panties would have only mattered to Patsy, IMO. JB was well-known to ask anyone in earshot to help her wipe herself in the bathroom, and someone might have remembered special panties like those. SO if JB was wearing her OWN pair in size 6-8, they'd have to be replaced with the...
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    Who changed her clothes?

    I think Patsy was actually saying "VEST" and not dress. JB wore a black velvet vest with the black velvet pants. It was all part of the new outfit (including the white star shirt) that she wanted to wear that day. The vest had silver snaps on it. The pants may have too.
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    Why doesn't anyone think it could've been John.

    You are right- the ever-vigilant R attorney LW is always on the lookout.
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    Questions you'd like answers to...

    This robe was described as navy. "Dark fibers" were found on JB's upper thighs and pubic area. I never saw evidence of the robe being tested against those fibers. And with golfers in the family, I know every golf bag has a towel either attached to it or packed inside. No mention why LE did not...
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    John Ramsey Fabricated Open Basement Window "Evidence"

    I don't recall if it was John or FW who admitted MOVING the suitcase to under the window, as well as picking up shards of broken glass from the window John admits to having broken himself some months before. All of this conveniently ignored by LS.
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    The Misdirection and Deception of the DNA

    He can't be INCLUDED because of his age. Colorado law prohibits anyone under the age of 10 from being indicted, accused, or in any way implicated in a crime. BR was just shy of his 10th birthday, so he was 9 when this happened. That is why even though the Grand Jury knew the parents covered up...
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    What we know about Ransom Note

    So little of this case DOES make sense, including how the investigation was conducted. But it smacks of a cover up. No real kidnapper would have done that note- as you say, wasting time but also chancing leaving evidence on it. No kidnapper expects ransom when the victim is left behind IN the...
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    Who changed her clothes?

    Having used those fabric "scrunchi" hair ties on my own daughter's long hair, yes they do pull out easily. I'd have made the ponytail using a coated elastic (I believe this was the type found under the hair tie and also on the lower ponytail). I also used to braid my daughter's long hair for...
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    There were two empty glasses and a table knife on the table with the bowl of pineapple.

    I do see them- clearly the bowl of pineapple with oversize spoon, glass with tea bag, and then knife and other glass on another area of the table. And yes I do not recall seeing any discussion of those other items being tested for prints and DNA. Only the bowl and glass with tea bag. I don't...
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    The ransom note

    I think it unlikely that the McReynoldses could have committed this crime, and all of the staging, with the family in the home, and yet left not a single fiber, print, or other forensic evidence, including on the RN. In a crime, material is always exchanged between the victim and perp, whether...