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  1. theforgotten

    Very Blonde Girl In Orange Chair With Ashtray

    To be very honest, I've always been very taken by this young woman's pictures. I too, always wondered if she was from Scandanavia.
  2. theforgotten

    ND ND - Barbara Cotton, 15, Williston, 11 Apr 1981

    That was a good podcast. I felt awful for their niece! I hope Barbara's family and friends get some answers soon!
  3. theforgotten

    IN IN - Jennifer Schmidt, 19, West Lafayette, 6 Aug 1985

    Happy Belated Birthday Jennifer!
  4. theforgotten

    MT MT - Jason Reynolds, 17, Billings, 1 Jun 1993

    I haven't visited Jason's thread in ages. I'm sad to see that there aren't any updates. 26 years is way too long to go without answers!
  5. theforgotten

    PA PA - Jamie Peterson, 30, Ross, 26 Sept 2011

    Jamie's old Charley project link isn't working. Here's a new one. Jamie Nichole Peterson – The Charley Project Praying that her loved ones get some answers soon!
  6. theforgotten

    NY NY - Vernon 'Cameron' Jones, 23, Manhattan, 2 Jan 1993

    ………………..Bumping for Vernon!!!
  7. theforgotten

    TX TX - Sarah Kinslow, 14, Greenville, 1 May 2001

    Sarah's old Charley page link isn't working. Here's the new one. Sarah Elizabeth Kinslow – The Charley Project This is such an odd case. Praying that her family gets some answers. It's been too long!
  8. theforgotten

    WA WA - Jeremiah Foco, 34, Seattle, 21 July 2015

    Jeremiah's old Charley page link isn't working. Here's the new one! Jeremiah Edward Foco – The Charley Project
  9. theforgotten

    MS MS - Lester Jones, 26, Starkville, 11 Jan 2010

    ……………...Bumping for Lester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. theforgotten

    CA CA - Jonathan Barmaki, 27, Buena Park, 30 April 2016

  11. theforgotten

    CA CA - Stacy Arras, 14, Yosemite National Park, 17 Jul 1981

    ……………..Bumping for Stacy. 38 years is too long for her family to go without answers!!!
  12. theforgotten

    SC SC - Dail Dinwiddie, 23, Columbia, 24 Sep 1992

    It always makes me so sad that Dail's case never got the attention that it deserved. I don't even think that there's been a true crime podcast covering it (I could be wrong let me know). Praying that her family gets answers!
  13. theforgotten

    FL FL - Tammy Leppert, 18, Cocoa Beach, 6 July 1983

    I've been following Tammy's case since it was profiled on Unsolved Mysteries. It's been 36 years and I can't believe her family still doesn't have answers! Praying they come soon!
  14. theforgotten

    CA CA - Kristi Krebs, 22, Fort Bragg, 9 Aug 1993

    The old link to Kristi's Charley page doesn't seem to be working. Here's the new one. Kristi Suzanne Krebs – The Charley Project
  15. theforgotten

    CA CA - Michael Negrete, 18, Los Angeles, 10 Dec 1999

    ......………Bumping for Michael!!!…...…...
  16. theforgotten

    IL IL - Jesse Ross, 20, Chicago, 21 Nov 2006

    I just got done listening to True Crime Garage's two part episode on Jesse. What a strange case. I can't believe it's been almost 13 years. They seem to be just as clueless as they were the day he went missing. I'm praying that the Ross family gets some answers!
  17. theforgotten

    FL FL - Tammy Leppert, 18, Cocoa Beach, 6 July 1983

    For those who haven't heard The Unfound podcasts episode on Tammy's case!
  18. theforgotten

    NH NH - Laureen Rahn, 14, Manchester, 27 April 1980

    .................Bumping for Laureen! Her case is never far from my thoughts!
  19. theforgotten

    FL FL - Tammy Leppert, 18, Cocoa Beach, 6 July 1983

    The Unfound podcast is reviewing Tammy's case on its Friday episode. So happy about it!