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    GA GA - Joshua Adams, 25, Jefferson, 21 May 2013

    @Mary McMillan, welcome! I’d like to invite you to become a verified insider on Joshua’s case. Websleuths is a fact based forum so any shared information has to have a link to either a law enforcement posting or main stream media (exceptions to this rule are made for verified insiders)...
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    Identified! FL - St. Petersberg, human head found on side of road, July 7, 2020 *Donald Edward Coston

    In my experience, yes. In my husband’s PD unit a homicide detective responds to all death investigations.
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    GA GA - Joshua Adams, 25, Jefferson, 21 May 2013

    Leigh is a member of WS. I am happy to tag her in this thread if you’d like.
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    Found Safe IN - Hannah Potts, 23, Princeton, missing after FB live video saying kidnapped - 24 July 2020

    Found Safe - CA - Katelyn Schwindt, 27, San Diego Cty, Pala Casino, 24 June 2020 For those who didn’t follow, this is the case we’re referencing. Hoax or not, I fear she may be in great danger (either from outside actors or from herself) and am grateful police seem to be doing their due...
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    Found Safe IN - Hannah Potts, 23, Princeton, missing after FB live video saying kidnapped - 24 July 2020

    I was just coming to post the exact same thing. There are so many parallels between that case and this one.
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    Oh "Shih-Tzu" with Happy Ending

    What a little stinker and a huge cutie, so glad to see that happy ending! That video is priceless.
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    AZ AZ - Pamela Pitts, 19, Prescott, 16 September 1988

    I’m trying to access court records but she was scheduled to go to trial this year in 2020. Using her legal name Shelly Marie Harmon results in more information. Not sure exactly how the Norgard last name plays in yet.
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    Found Deceased TX - Natalie Chambers, 31, daughters Izabel (4) and Elise (2), found deceased, Dallas, July 2020

    I may be way off base but this case reminded me of this from Colorado. IMO only. Father speaks out after losing wife, 2 boys
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    Help finding a recent case- Missing female- 20s

    Not sure this is who you are looking for and I’ll continue to search my post history but I feel like this might be a possibility. SC - SC- Lillian Ann Marie Payne, 21, Rockhill, 13 May 2020
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    California Wildfires 2019

    Erin Brockovich 2.0 PG&E has managed to get away with this for far too long.
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    Identified! FL - Big Cypress Natl Preserve, Male Hiker, Denim & “Mostly Harmless” July 2018 - Vance Rodriguez #3

    The passion of the sleuthers who are attempting to give this gentlemen his name back is admirable. However, over 30 posts have had to be removed due to TOS violations that I know are well known to many following this thread. 1.) Do not link to SM profiles of people who you think may look like...
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    DC - Green Beret Master Sgt. Andrew Marckesano aka Cpt America, 34, July 6, 2020, suicide

    @NoSI and please know my mod note below is in NO way directed at you. After having been around the block a few times around here, I spot the potential for this to devolve into politics and want to give everyone a warning from the get go so the thread won’t have to be shut down. I saw your alert...
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    Found Safe MN - Kristine Bourassa, 12, & Tara Miller, 8, sisters, Sylvan Township, Cass Co., 10 Jul 2020

    I 100% agree those photos are staged/posed IMO. I cringe at the thought of them ever being seen by anyone except family, but their photos look very similar to ones that were taken of myself around that age. I grew up in a loving family and as awful as they were, my parents paid good money for...
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    Found Deceased PA - Linda Stoltzfoos, 18, Bird-in-Hand, Lancaster County, 21 June 2020 *arrest*

    What a bombshell. My thoughts are with Linda’s family and friends because I can’t even imagine being in their position having to process this news. I usually don’t comment on cases where it appears law enforcement aren’t doing enough because I feel in between a rock and a hard place. The sleuth...
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    FL FL - Lauren Brittney Dumolo, 29, Cape Coral, 19 Jun 2020

    Links and or screenshots from a FB of a person who hasn’t been officially ID’d as a person of interest (POI) are not allowed to be posted. However, private message conversations about her case can be started and can include up to 20 members.
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    Found Deceased CO - Sebastian Castro Rivas, 3, Eagle, 5 June 2020

    Not saying that at 3 Sebastian would have been so self aware, but rivers are dangerous. Even experienced kayakers and outdoorsmen have to be rescued every year from Colorado rivers. When my friends and I joined in the search for Sebastian (in its infancy) only skilled and highly trained fast...
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    New to the group, hoping to say hello

    I edited out your name. Not likely would it be a problem but better safe than sorry! Take care
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    New to the group, hoping to say hello

    Welcome!! So glad you decided to join :D Our members are a wonderful group so any questions you have or help we can provide, please don’t be shy to ask. Look forward to seeing you around the forum.
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    GUILTY FL - Gretchen Anthony, 51, murdered, Abacoa / Jupiter, 20 March 2020 *husband arrested*

    #SorryNotSorry Thankfully it appears he made a lot of rookie mistakes and will not be easily defended in court. In no way am I making light of his crime but all “good” criminals know it’s prudent to research your potential future accommodations BEFORE committing said crime. That way you can...