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    Casey To Serve One Year Probation

    She must hate the thought of going back to the mess she made.
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    2010.07.22 Casey reported seen in Palm Springs

    who cares where she is. puke!!!!!!!
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    Caylee Marie Anthony Memorial Thread

    The living are the only voice for those who have left us. RIP little one
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    Lippman says Cindy & George may sue John Bradley re 84 searches

    Nothing wrong with taking a vacation. Why a private jet? Something is up obviously, and no matter how you slice it, its sickening.
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    Software designer says Casey Anthony prosecution data was wrong

    I never believed the info was right when they showed she had 84 hits on my space or whatever every session.
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    2011.07.16-17 HLN & FOX (Weekend) News Coverage - Caylee Anthony

    Well said, i feel the same way. I do forgive people, but this crime and the way it was lied about and defended, brushed under the rug is not forgivable jmo. I dont like being talked down to or told what to think buy some defender who is morally bankrupt enough to ignore the obvious
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    2011.07.16-17 HLN & FOX (Weekend) News Coverage - Caylee Anthony

    I just need to rant for a second. I'm seeing articles and quotes now about her release. One on CNN opinion article that says how we all should forgive because it's good for us. Well ya know what? Most of the time it is, but this is so reprehensible it's not possible for me. Ya know why? the...
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    2011.07.17 Casey Released From Jail

    Well, at least they made her wear her hair up so she wasn't agitating people again.
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    Casey appeals her 4 Lying to LE convictions

    Ya figure getting off the hook for murdering an innocent child would be enough, but no... I am disgusted! You're getting out, your lies worked flawlessly... What else do you want! Man o man...seriously?
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    Post-Verdict: What's Next? Predictions?

    I think KC will have enough supporters in this sick country we live in and be just fine. Sure it wont be easy for her having people call her out publicly, but just remember she doesn't care what anyone thinks, and she never did. She's going to be better off financially than she ever was, sorry...
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    2011.07.07 Sentencing Hearing Thread

    Wonder who the other clients of that agency will feel?
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    2011.07.07 Sentencing Hearing Thread

    Sorry everyone, but the fact is she lied to everyone because she knew she was smarter then them. She lied to police, detectives, lawyers, everyone. She killed her daughter, destroyed her family and she doesn't care. She is flipping the world the bird right now just like her lawyer. They are...
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    Post-Verdict: What's Next? Predictions?

    As much as the media attention seemed biased and out of control, it was the only justice this little girl got, some good people's awareness. Too bad morally bankrupt people would actually support her.
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    Post-Verdict: I am sick and heartbroken

    I agree with you. I have read comments on the CNN stories. She has many supporters and even potential suitors.
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    Anthony's in hiding due to death threats per WFTV

    All she needs to do is move to St Pete apparently
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    Jeff Ashton -Retired? Not if he has anything to say about it! ;) ***Updated***

    I'd retire too, after all that work... so dissapointing
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    America, you can be proud

    bravo sappy, well said
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    Post-Verdict: What's Next? Predictions?

    Meh...Casey obviously doesn't care what anyone thinks of her so I doubt it
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    Anthony's in hiding due to death threats per WFTV

    With all that media attention and the outcome I am sure they will go into hiding for a long time. It's a sick world we live in. It's media driven and people are lemmings. I hope nobody would ever try to harm anyone over media brainwashing.
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    Post-Verdict: What's Next? Predictions?

    She never wanted a child, so I doubt she will have another. After all, the one she had she enjoyed her most special and precious years, then discarded her.