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    Baez files motion for JG DNA report showing he's not the father 1/28/09

    He is trying to plant a seed of doubt and give JG a motive for murdering Caylee. A heart broken ex lover trying to set up his ex! Anyone but Casey did it right!
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    Anthony's Seek Full Immunity#2

    I don't know if this has been brought up because I don't have time to read every thread and every post but I am curious as to what clothes were found at the crime scene. Were they the clothes that she was wearing in the video on the 15th or were they the clothes that George described her...
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    IN - Shanda Sharer, 12, Madison, 11 January 1992

    She should rot in that prison for the rest of her pathetic life. Hell is too good for her!
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    WI - Alisha Sidie, 27, Hatfield, 7 November 2008

    Alcestic, Any local news or rumors in the last couple of hours? I am curious if they are also checking the hunter guy and his vehicle. Kim
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    GA GA - Charles 'Chuckie' Mauk, 13, Warner Robins, 17 Feb 1986

    I have to agree OilPainter. I am wondering how someone can give that good of a composite sketch but doesn't know anything about the case or didn't see anything! ????????? I feel like someone knows something but will not come forward.
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    General Discussion-Thread No. 25

    I have been following this case for so long. I am just curious if anyone knows what they mean when they suggest another person being involved. I know that due to legal reasons, no one can post a name but do they actually have someone in mind or are they just speculating?
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    Bachelorette Star DeAnna Pappas Calls Off Engagement

    I think that she had a strong connection with Graham! I wanted her to end up with him sooo bad. Although in the long run, he may have been too good for her. She did get a big head in the long run.
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    General Discussion-Thread No. 25

    Thanks Dogwood! I was curious if it was 2 years from the date of the crime or the date that they call them suspects or POI. Thanks for clearing that up. I will be doing some praying this week and next!
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    General Discussion-Thread No. 25

    Does anyone know when exactly will the statute of limitations be up for Linda to file a Civil Suit? I am so hoping that she hits him with one just as soon as he is arrested.
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    GA GA - Charles 'Chuckie' Mauk, 13, Warner Robins, 17 Feb 1986

    Just Bumping Up - In case any newbies might have something to offer on this case!
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    *REVISIT* Does Anyone Feel Sad for Casey? Or Family Members?

    Shoelace, I waited for months and months for an indictment to come down. I actually prayed for one! Yesterday my prayers were answered yet it made me feel SAD! I thought that it would make my day to hear she had finally been indicted. That is not what I felt at all. I had this feeling of...
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    FREE Search Sites-Post/Discuss-Good/Bad

    A friend of mine is dating a guy that she knows very little about. I suggested that she look him up. I have a feeling that he is married. Does anyone know how to see marriage license online? Thanks.
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    MO MO - Amanda Jones, 26, pregnant, Hillsboro, 14 Aug 2005

    I am still baffled why the police could not get a search warrant based on Westfall's inconsistencies. I too have followed this case and wondered whether there was some sort of corruption. I would think that they had enough to get a search warrant. It makes me wonder if Westfall's family is...
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    Why did KC surround herself with people "less attractive" than herself?

    I think that deep down she has a low self esteem b/c she knows she ain't worth a da*m and this is her way of making herself feel better. She also probably liked being the Center of Attention. This way she ensures that she will get the attention when they are out dancing on stripper poles. What...
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    Does George have violent tendencies?

    I do believe that he has some anger issues but who wouldn't at this point in their life. I honestly feel sorry for him. I feel that he is caught between a rock and hard place. I feel like he knows what has become of his granddaughter but to tell it would mean to give his daughter up. He is...
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    General Discussion-Thread No. 24

    I am pretty sure that they already know by now who stained the deck. It seems like so far they have dotted all of their I's and crossed all of their T's. It will be interesting to see how this plays out now. Now it is just a waiting game.
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    General Discussion-Thread No. 24

    To me, the video images is a big deal too. Leaving the hotel! For what?? Ice Cream!
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    General Discussion-Thread No. 24

    I am just curious if anyone here knows whether or not it was out of character to have his sister in law go to their home. I mean was it in his character to do sweet surprises for Michelle? From what I have read so far, that would have been a "lightbulb" moment if you know what I mean. He...
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    General Discussion-Thread No. 24

    It is so sad to know that this little girl has been with this monster for this long already. No telling what he has her believing about her Mommy's side of the family. My prayers go out to this little angel. JMO
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    DNA results on an actual BigFoot

    Growing up in Georgia, as far back as I can remember we were told stories of Bigfoot. There were acres and acres of woods behind my grannies house when I was growing up. They actually had a newspaper clipping saved from when he was spotted in that area in the 60's. My kin folks always had...