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    FL - Tracy Ocasio, 27, Orlando/Ocoee, 27 May 2009 - #1

    This case is eerily similar to Jennifer Kessee disappearance. UCFAlum, Tracy's story is on every channel here in Orlando and also in the Orlando Sentinel. I hope this is handled better than Jennifer's case. They say that they have video of her leaving the Taproom with a guy. They have...
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    Media Coverage/Reports~DISCUSSION~

    I wasn't sure where else to post this. This is live copter coverage of the cadaver dogs searching.
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    Ron C.

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but can't find it. Does anyone know the exact time that Ron left for work and when he returned?
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    LIST Case Questions and Answers For Members #6

    Please someone else tell me they remember this statement. During one of the taped visits between Lee and KC, she was telling him that she felt Caylee was close to home. Here is the part that I'm asking about: She then went on to say that it's someplace that is known to their family. I...
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    Will anyone write to KC?

    I had my answer all typed out but erased it. This is not what today is all about. RIP little Caylee, and may your family find peace.
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    Will anyone write to KC?

    Tracey, I applaud you and your generous, forgiving spirit. Maybe you felt compelled to do it because there was a sweet angel on your shoulder asking you to write to her mom who she loved.
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    Lee Anthony's CMA reference?

    That's exactly what I was thinking. I felt that he was telling whoever did this to Caylee, to confess and once, and for all, answer the family's questions about what actually happened. If he was actually speaking to KC when he said CMA, I believe that this is what the message was that he was...
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    Brad Conway to file Motion of Protective Order

    I would start camping out on the doorstep to be the first in line to be there for their depos. There are too many things that they have to all keep straight. One question, can each of the A's be present for the other one's depos?
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    Rant about the CASE **NO DISCUSSION/Replies** JUST RANTS #6

    My rant is the same as it was over a month ago. PLEASE BURY THAT POOR BABY. What the heck are they waiting for???
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    LIST Case Questions and Answers For Members #5

    Excellent question. Sorry I don't know the answer but I would also like to know if his car was searched as well.
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    LIST Case Questions and Answers For Members #5

    Can someone please tell me if it is common for an attorney to visit his client in jail until the wee hours of the morning? I heard on the news that he was with KC until midnight last night. I find it hard to believe that he can't find time during the day to meet with her. I wonder what his...
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    LIST Case Questions and Answers For Members #5

    Since the bones were found scattered around, I doubt that the tape would still be on the hands. I'm under the impression that the duct tape was still on the skull because it was stuck to the hair. Please forgive me if this is too graphic, but would the tape stick to her hands if the skin has...
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    LIST Case Questions and Answers For Members #5

    I don't know if this has been discussed, but were the clothes that Caylee was seen wearing in the nursing home video ever found? And, does the statement that Casey made about "They haven't even found the clothes Caylee was wearing" bother anyone else? This statement leads me to believe that...
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    Rant about the CASE **NO DISCUSSION/Replies** JUST RANTS #6

    My rant is directed toward the defense team: Release that baby's remains already so her family can give her a proper goodbye and put her to rest. Why is it taking so long for this second autopsy? Let this little baby rest in peace and let her grandparents say their heartbroken goodbyes!
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    George Anthony Reported Missing *UPDATE FOUND*#2

    I agree. They would not be able to uncurl me from my fetal position. Who was the jewelry for? Cindy? George? Caylee? I don't understand.
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    George Anthony Reported Missing *UPDATE FOUND*#2

    I believe it's possible that GA went to the hotel just to get away for a few hours. Unfortunately, he consumed a lot of beer which is a depressent. If he was already depressed (and who wouldn't be), the liquor certainly didn't help his frame of mind. My initial reaction to this was terrible...
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    Heart-Shaped Sticker On Tape Over Caylee's Mouth

    Regarding the clothes that were found with the remains...Didn't KC make a comment about Caylee's clothes not being found yet? I wonder if the blue shirt and white shorts Caylee is seen wearing in the video on the 15th are accounted for. If not, then my guess would be that she died wearing...
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    LP's Confidence

    I tend to believe him for some reason. I also think he has inside info. Either way, he's willing to put his money where his mouth is when he believes in something. That has to count for something.