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  1. Cailin Rua

    Mistakes made that led to Casey being aquitted...

    I think this is where the judge really made a mistake in allowing the defense to “instruct “ the jury on points of law. Sure you can bring up that you don’t think the prosecution has established X, Y, or Z, but he shouldn’t have been allowed to tell the jury what they “had to have” for a conviction.
  2. Cailin Rua

    The Grand Jury & Trial

    I'm not sure the life insurance was the primary motive. The jury will have seen the Gerber Life commercials and might not think it's very strange or telling that there was insurance. They will probably be more interested in the internet searches.
  3. Cailin Rua

    Wrongful Death Suit filed Nov. 13, 2013 in California, #4

    As far as the accident--we have one of those open foyers with the railings, obviously not as grand as the Coronado mansion, but I walked out of the bathroom after a 3 minute pee break once to see my then five year old son standing on the OUTSIDE edge of the railing upstairs, inching along. I...
  4. Cailin Rua

    Sentencing and beyond- JA General Discussion #5

    They always make notes on testimony so that they can address, clarify, or try to neutralize on redirect. Noticing that after that video plays and gets to the screen with the stills from similar videos, there is one with Barbie and Ken??! (That first part was directed at lewcch)
  5. Cailin Rua

    Prosecutor Juan Martinez releases new book, February 2016 - #2

    It is so weird but I've found that clients who are heavily narcissistic tend to use big words inappropriately or pronounce them incorrectly...and it's just not that hard to look in a dictionary and find that, say, "casing" a neighborhood is not the same as "canvassing" it.
  6. Cailin Rua

    Mr. Juan Martinez is my next guest on True Crime Radio Thursday March 24th

    Did you notice her throat-slashing motions, or do you think people are just reading something into her weird way of moving her hands?
  7. Cailin Rua

    Prosecutor Juan Martinez releases new book, February 2016 - #1

    I thought he was very restrained in the book, didn't really criticize anyone except Arias.
  8. Cailin Rua

    Is there anyone that believes Ross is innocent?

    People murder their "precious children" with distressing frequency.
  9. Cailin Rua

    Book released by Defense Attorney, Nov 2015 #2

    At least Juan going after her on the stand was entertaining! I do understand his position. Wilmott's too. She's the client and they work for her, boom. I think Nurmi would have been more effective with a less drawn-out, crawling style of questioning and I wouldn't want him defending me b/c I...
  10. Cailin Rua

    Book released by Defense Attorney, Nov 2015 #2

    If he had gone with just BPD and tried to prove diminished responsibility, he would have achieved the same result most likely without boring the world to tears for months and making himself a laughingstock. I guess if your client insists it was self defense and is so deluded as to think someone...
  11. Cailin Rua

    Do you think Darlie premeditated the murders of Devon and Damon?

    I think she had been thinking about it for a while in an abstract sort of way but something triggered her that night, probably a fight with Darin. If she had gone with a "post-partum depression + diet pill rage" defense she might have at least stayed off death row.
  12. Cailin Rua

    Darlie Kee

    If Darin did it Darlie wouldn't in a million years have gone to Death Row to protect him. Especially if they were not on good terms anyway.
  13. Cailin Rua

    Discussions on Formal Sentencing Hearing - Jodi Arias #12

    I'm a licensed mental health therapist in my state and one odd thing that I have observed about my clients who I thought had narcissistic personalities was that they would use words incorrectly. Frequently they were big words but sometimes they were just the wrong words. And you could tell the...
  14. Cailin Rua

    SIDEBAR #45 - Arias/Alexander forum

    Willmott is taking a pee! Alert!
  15. Cailin Rua

    VERDICT WATCH - Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Retrial Day 42

    She would have run through any money he made in no time. Doubtful that she would have been making any of her own.
  16. Cailin Rua

    VERDICT WATCH - Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Retrial Day 42

    As opposed to singing and dancing over the joy of a capital murder trial?
  17. Cailin Rua

    VERDICT WATCH - Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Retrial Day 42

    If you can't handle a cross-examination, don't hire yourself out as an expert witness. Opposing counsel isn't going to make you a cup of tea and rub your feet. The ER thing was a stunt. If she has an anxiety d/o she probably has an RX for something she could have taken. Generally people only...
  18. Cailin Rua

    Bobbi Kristina Brown found unresponsive in bathtub. #3

    Am I correct in thinking that seizures mean there's still some degree of electrical activity in her brain?
  19. Cailin Rua

    SIDEBAR #44 - Arias/Alexander forum I read about this woman in a book about Broadmoor and its inmates. She makes me think of Jodi, what with her delusions about her "relationship" with the doctor and thinking she was some sort of hot little number up to the day she died at 79.
  20. Cailin Rua

    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 16

    Maybe marijuana actually improved her personality when she smoked it.