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    A Letter from Fred

    The song made me cry but what a beautiful love story! God bless you Fred and Lorraine.
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    Casey's Psych Evals unsealed

    I am in agreement with you here. It is possible that FCA was texting, on the computer or even asleep (she was up most of the previous night) when she placed Caylee in the pool in anger or she did not even know where Caylee was. Or, maybe Caylee was in the tub in the house. Same scenario, use...
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    GUILTY MO - Tyler Dasher, 1, Affton, 15 Nov 2011 - #2

    Great answer, Salem; If anyone reading this thread is interested in reading how felony charges are processed in court in Missouri go to : Today was just a preliminary hearing by the judge to determine if the accused should be held in...
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    A month later... where is Lisa? What is your opinion?

    One month later - my opinion. Lisa needs to be found. I could not vote in the poll as I have NO idea what happened to her. But, the people living in Lisa's home - and visiting the house the night she "disappeared" - do know or know who was probably involved. The one statement that has...
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    Post your theory-****NO DISCUSSION****

    Good post. And, to add to this (I also usually keep quiet) the "kidnapper" knew that they had neighbors. I can be at my immediate neighbor's house - on both sides - as fast as I can dial a cell or land phone. My child is missing? I will be pounding on their door faster than I can locate a...
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    Childless couple adopts gorilla

    I usually try not to criticize the actions of others but this story is TOO bizarre. This 13 year old gorilla sleeps in their bed? Why???? And it's sibling became too aggressive and had to be returned to the zoo? What are they thinking?
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    Has any doubt crept in to your 100% guilty belief?

    Now that we are after the verdict, this article and statement by JB is priceless. I just wish that I could mail it to all of the jurors! I have followed this case since Day 31 and have read every document released and posting on WS. The chloroform aspect was one that did not carry much...
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    Cindy's cousin speaks out about George's guilt

    I agree as the DT did not know what the verdict would be. I do not believe there is any proof about the involvement of GA. JMO but I suspect the reason that CA left the court room once the verdict was read is because she has had many offers over the past few years for interviews, books, etc...
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    Cindy's cousin speaks out about George's guilt

    I agree and I would also like to know why the DT stated that KC did not call LE over Caylee's death as KC was "so traumatized" by GA and LA but I remember well the 911 call that KC made to LE in August (?) of 2008 when there were protesters at her parents home. Hmmmm. Selective nervous...
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    Cindy's cousin speaks out about George's guilt

    I have also wondered why KC does not like or respect GA as I do not believe there was ever any abuse. I suspect that it has to do with the time that GA and CA were living apart. It is JMO but I think that CA and KC became like "girlfriends" living without GA and it is possible that they shared...
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    Has The Defense Changed Your Mind About ICA's Guilt?

    I agree with you. That is what I meant by passive obedience with JB and the DT taking the stance of "OK, ICA, we will do it your way and tell the court what you want us to tell the court". Dr. Phil would now step in if we were on TV and say, "ICA, how is your defense working for you"...
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    Has The Defense Changed Your Mind About ICA's Guilt?

    I have believed from Day 31 that KC was present when Caylee died and that KC has the answers to her death. And, I have always believed that KC was responsible for Caylee's death either by murder or neglect. When JB presented the theory that Caylee drowned in the pool and that KC was in a...
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    Tony Lazzaro's testimony

    I agree! IIRC there was talk between TL and LE after July 15 2008 about something other than cigarettes being smoked by TL and his friends. Add the use of drugs and/or alcohol to parties, late nights and a school schedule to a three year old memory bank and things tend to become a bit blurred...
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    Penalty/Sentencing Phase

    Pontiac CC is NOT a nice place to be housed. I retired from over three decades of employment in the correctional system and Pontiac is one of the IL prisons with the fewest amenities. Pontiac was built around 1871 and has nothing modern in it. It was common practice each August for years for...
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    Groundhog Day Storm May Affect More than 100 Million People

    God bless you! Please rest and get medical attention with any pain that does not go away with rest. My youngest daughter (now age 29) lost her footing on ice at age 16 and has serious back problems to this day. I have slid on ice and did not even feel the fall until my head cracked the...
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    New edition of 'Huckleberry Finn' to lose the N-word

    This was new news to me but it reminds me of a situation several years ago. One of my daughters is a fan of the Gone With the Wind book and movie. For several years I purchased her the dolls at the gift shop at the Cracker Barrel. First Scarlett, then Rhett, then Papa O'Hara (sorry I don't...
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    Tennessee Firemen ignore burning house over unpaid subscription fee

    I have been watching and reading about this situation for days and it seems so simple to me. As a citizen of my country and my community and my neighorhood - regardless of where one lives - put the fire out first and deal with who owes what later. There could have been an elderly or...
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    How much time will Ron get?

    Thank you for the Welcome, BogeyGal. I have been here since Day 31 for Caylee but did not register until June of this summer. Guess I started with a bad lead but decided to just jump in the pool and learn how to swim with the pros!
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    How much time will Ron get?

    New poster here so please be patient with me. I just checked the Palatka Daily News ( for the daily Jail Log and a Crystal Ann Cummings was taken into custody this evening for Failure to Appear. Is this Ron's sister? If so, it sounds as if TN will have both of her...