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    VA VA - Katelin Akens, 19, Springfield, 5 Dec 2015 #3

    I just heard Katelin’s story on The Vanished podcast. I wish they could get into SD’s phone. I also feel like he is responsible for her disappearance.
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    Found Deceased LA - Jessica Easterly Durning, 43, New Orleans, 14 Aug 2019

    Welcome Nolagirl504!!! Thank you for your local neighborhood insight! I’m so worried about Jessica and I really hope LE knows a lot more than we do and has been able to get hold of videos from the neighborhood. Has there been any searching in that park and canal, lake, and lagoons? I think...
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    Found Deceased CA - Randy Cuddy, 60, Apple Valley, 16 Aug 2017

    Bumping for Randy. August 16 marked 2 years he’s been missing. Family posted on Help Find Randy Cuddy Facebook page, sadly no updates. Help Find Randy Cuddy
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    Found Deceased ME - Dale Godfrey, 52, Lebanon, 26 April 2017

    I didn’t see this article from April 2018 posted yet. This case makes me so sad. We’ve seen it before but its scary how mental illness can happen seemingly out of the blue like that, and the person likely doesn’t recognize it and therefore refuses treatment. My thoughts and prayers go out to...
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    CA CA - Bryce Laspisa, 19, Castaic, 30 Aug 2013 - #10

    The movie is on YouTube. Search “Family Secrets Bryce Laspisa”. It should come up first in the results. Its 10:08 minutes long.
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    Found Deceased UT - REMAINS FOUND - MacKenzie "Kenzie" Lueck, 23, Salt Lake City, 17 June 2019 #10 *ARREST*

    You can see the interests on a mobile device by scrolling to the bottom and click on “View Desktop Site”. In that view, when you scroll down you will see this monster’s interests on the right hand side, under his other meetup groups. RIP Kenzie. I was so very sad to see the news about her...
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    Found Safe PA - Juan Benacio, 8, Philadelphia, 14 June 2019

    Hooray!!! I’m so so so happy to see that Juan has been found safe!!!
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    Found Deceased OR - Karissa Alyn Fretwell, 25, William "Billy" Fretwell, Toddler, Salem, 13 May 2019 *ARREST*

    I’m so sad to see this but at the same time glad they’ve been found so they can properly be put to rest and family can have a tiny bit of peace. Prayers and thoughts going out to the family and friends of beautiful Karissa and sweet Billy. At the moment, I have no words that I can post about...
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    Found Deceased OH - Cheryl Coker, 46, Riverside, 2 Oct 2018 *husband suspect* #2

    My apologies. I’m not too familiar with Ohio. :oops: How sad that two bodies were found in that river within a couple of days of each other.
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    Found Deceased OH - Cheryl Coker, 46, Riverside, 2 Oct 2018 *husband suspect* #2

    Not Cheryl. Prayers going out to this man’s family and friends as well as Cheryl’s. And always praying every day that Cheryl will be found. Fairfield man identified as victim in fatal drowning on Great Miami River in Hamilton “The body of a 35-year-old Fairfield man was spotted Monday...
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    TN TN - Robert Adams, 31, Knoxville, July 1996

    I just learned about this case. Bumping for Blair.
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    Found Deceased CA - Jennifer Michelle Lorber, 30, (from Colorado) Malibu, 23 May 2019

    I am so very sorry to hear about Jenny’s remains being found. I was really holding out hope she would be found safe. Rest In Peace beautiful Jenny. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. Here is the FB post from LASD confirming her remains have been found. Los Angeles County...
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    Found Deceased OR - Karissa Alyn Fretwell, 25, William "Billy" Fretwell, Toddler, Salem, 13 May 2019 *ARREST*

    In the press conference, he said Wolfe is being transported to Yamhill County. Also mentioned in this article: Gaston man arrested, charged with aggravated murder of Salem mother and child, 3 “During a news conference, Lt. Treven Upkes said police arrested Wolfe on Friday afternoon in...
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    GUILTY WV - Riley Crossman, 15, Martinsburg, Morgan County, 7 May 2019 *arrest*

    There is a Facebook group - bring Riley Crossman home. bring Riley Crossman home Also here is the link for the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page which I don’t think has been posted yet. Morgan County Sheriff's Department
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    Found Safe CA - Alora Benitez, 15, Torrance, 17 April 2019 *Arrest*

    Driving on the 405 freeway in LA today and saw a billboard for Alora. I hope she is safe wherever she is.
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    Identified! AZ - Kingman, Living Male, under 30, glasses, may be from Springfield MO, Jul'17 - Name withheld

    He no longer appears to be in Namus and I don’t see Dustin Driscoll’s FB post about him anymore either. Also no msm articles with an update. Hopefully that means he was identified and able to return to wherever his home is.
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    Deceased/Not Found MD - Akia Eggleston, 22, 8 months pregnant, Baltimore, 3 May 2017 - *Arrest*

    I just learned about Akia. Still catching up, but glad to see her story in the media yesterday. Sad that it’s already been two years though. Two years later, search continues for Baltimore woman who went missing days before her baby shower FBI Looking For New Leads In Akia Eggleston Case...
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    Found Deceased OH - Cheryl Coker, 46, Riverside, 2 Oct 2018 *husband suspect* #2

    The body has been identified as 36 year old missing man, Shane Walls. Another homicide. So sad. Man found dead in Pike County last seen in December