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    CANADA Canada - Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou, 10, Montreal, 12 March 2018

    I'm not following, can you explain? Sent from my SM-N950W using Tapatalk
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    Canada - Bruce McArthur- Pleads Guilty - murders of 8 men, Toronto, 2010-2017 #2

    Really? We are now trying to rationalize his behavior, I see. Some people are just evil, no explanations or cluster headaches or psychosis involved. It must be nice to always be given the benefit of doubt. I wonder how many people he has to kill to elevate him to evil..... Sent from my...
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    CA - Stephon Clark, 22, unarmed, fatally shot by Sacramento police, 18 March 2018

    I'm so happy to see some of these last few comments. I had to step away from reading this thread due to people rationalizing the actions of the police. I'm going back to lurking now. I prefer reading to responding! Sent from my SM-N950W using Tapatalk