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    MS MS - Myra Lewis, 2, Camden, 1 March 2014 - #3

    I haven't been on WS in a long time. I came back praying Myra had been found. Where are you beautiful girl? Saddened to see what happened to Malik. I hope that Myra is safe somewhere, against my fears
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    Dr. Sievers' RHHC Medical Practice - Operations & Website

    Thank you for taking the time to become verified. And thank you so much for all of these details. They are very helpful. Do you know when TS took Medicare? Do you know if and when she stopped? Also, if someone was in the office and had a billing question, what did they do? Thanks again for...
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    GUILTY FL - Chance Walsh, 7 wks, North Port, 7 Oct 2015 #1

    Jmo, but if it is true, then that may be the reason right there as to why she went from doting loving mom to alleged drugged up liar. Losing a child shocks and changes people in many different ways. So IF her child did die of what she mentioned or some other accidental death, I can understand...
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    NY - Patricia 'Tricia' Odierna, 42, murdered in her Lake Grove home, 1 Oct 2015

    Glad he is in custody. Looking forward to hearing why.
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    IL - Lt. Charles 'Joe' Gliniewicz, 52, found dead, Fox Lake, 1 Sep 2015 - #4

    For CPD, when you have a day of Honor Guard, you are given a day off. They can use this day at there choosing, so long as the schedule allows for them to have the day off.
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    IL - Lt. Charles 'Joe' Gliniewicz, 52, found dead, Fox Lake, 1 Sep 2015 - #4

    I know this isn't your question. But, I know several Chicago LE who attend the funerals of officers across the country. Years ago, they used to fly, but they are no longer allowed to. They must drive in their own personal cars. I know Sgts and below who have drove to several over the last few...
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    Found Deceased KY - James 'Mike' Kimsey, 48, Louisville, 29 May 2015

    I read the page and the most recent posts. What do you feel makes it "quite clear" as to what is going on?
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    Jim Carrey's girlfriend found dead of apparent suicide

    She was married when she died and not to JC. Her husbands name has not been revealed. They are waiting to release it until he arrives. According to this, she was separated and going to start divorce...
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    Legal Questions for our VERIFIED Lawyers - Q & A ONLY ***No Discussion***

    I believe this is what Nin is referring to. The article mentions the appealing. "Once here, we're told Wright will then have the option of appealing his case all over again -- meaning it could be some time before we get any new details about his alleged role in the murder."...
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    Legal Questions for our VERIFIED Lawyers - Q & A ONLY ***No Discussion***

    What legal benefits are there for CW to discuss the RB case with LE? If his lawyer approves, of course. Would they only wait until if and when the death penalty is on the table? Would that be the only reason to discuss it as he is only a POI now?
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    The Crime Scene and Investigation

    I was under the impression from reading the previous posts from days ago, that the current house was listed as a foreclosure, but since cancelled prior to their moving back in. Just the way I interpreted things, I guess. AZLawyer was able to explain it to me since I could not pull up the...
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    Pictures May Prove Jimmy Rodgers Lied About Knowing Mark Sievers! You Decide!

    I do believe that was JR. Has the Sheriff said that JR stated he didn't know "them"? Or is this based on the article only? I was thinking about the article and a few things came to my mind. The statement isn't in quotes, so the media may have it wrong...wouldn't be the first or last time. Let's...
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    The Crime Scene and Investigation

    Someone unthread stated that their current house was listed for foreclosure and it was just lifted. Someone inferred something else. That is why I was asking for the I can see the foreclosure listing for the house.
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    The Crime Scene and Investigation

    I was able to get in. Thanks. I know you weren't the one who mentioned it, but, have no clue where to find the cancelled foreclosure. I saw a bunch of deeds and mortgages. If someone wouldn't mind explaining it, I would appreciate it. Thx.
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    The Crime Scene and Investigation

    Thanks. That's where I was trying to look. Thought I was doing something wrong
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    OH OH - Brittany Stykes, 22, pregnant, Georgetown, 28 Aug 2013

    Per the article, it was not Shane who owed the money
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    The Crime Scene and Investigation

    Thanks, but where am I suppose to look on here. Thanks.
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    CWW Photo Discussion Thread

    Earlier today I was telling my very good friends how much my younger cousin had grown. I was explaining to them that he has grown so much that he has passed both of his brothers in height. I remembered I had a picture on my phone. I grabbed it and went to show them the picture and they were all...
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    The Crime Scene and Investigation

    Can someone post a link for this? Thanks.