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    Looking for podcast recommendations

    I listened to this podcast and I have to agree with this poster. I listened to the Chris Watts episodes. They were well presented, well researched and as stated above, brutally honest. She also adds her own "snarky" comments about Chris, his mother and his "side piece". I would advise anyone...
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    Found Safe CA - Katelyn Schwindt, 27, San Diego Cty, Pala Casino, 24 June 2020

    I may be wrong (and I hope I am) but I don't think this is a hoax.
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    Looking for podcast recommendations

    Looks well done. I will listen and respond. :-)
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    Found Deceased PA - Linda Stoltzfoos, 18, Bird-in-Hand, Lancaster County, 21 June 2020 *arrest*

    The fact that there are 55 sex offenders in the area is most concerning. Surely the LEO's have spoken with and verified their locations when this young lady disappeared.
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    IA IA - Clark Perry Baldwin - Iowa trucker charged with 3 murders, investigating 4th murder

    Mississippi and Texas both have the death penalty. If found guilty I hope it is in one of these states.
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    GUILTY IL- Debra Susan Smith, 19, strangled, found in Lake Moses near Benton, 12 March 1978

    Can you provide Debbie's last name? Which police agency investigated the murder? Thanks.
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    Looking for podcast recommendations

    As I said I would I listened to two episodes of True Crime queen, episode 15 (Edmund Kemper) and episode 16 (Cowden Family Murders). I enjoyed both a great deal. Presented logically and coherently. I thought it well researched. The adult language was there as you stated. It doesn't bother me, I...
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    GUILTY Canada - Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka, murdered, 1993

    We can’t forget that Karly Kurls had a hand in the deaths of three of these young people. She is free now to live her life as she wishes, a life she denied her victims. There is a Facebook page, I think it’s called Watching Karla Homolka, which is keeping tabs on her. The latest photo posted...
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    The Obscene Phone Calls

    Unusual yes. Unheard of no.
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    IA IA - Clark Perry Baldwin - Iowa trucker charged with 3 murders, investigating 4th murder

    I am unable to link to this article as I am not at my own computer. Nevertheless the Daily Mail is reporting that an Iowa trucker has been arrested for the 1990's killings of three women after police match DNA from a crime scene to his using a commercial genealogy database and finding a close...
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    GUILTY IA - Michelle Martinko, 18, stabbed to death, Cedar Rapids, 19 Dec 1979

    First Degree Murder is punishable in Iowa with an automatic life without parole. My understanding is the family gets to present to the court an impact statement and this is what necessitated the postponement.
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    NH NH - Kathy Gloddy, 13, Franklin, 21 Nov 1971

    What a tragic case. The perpetrator(s) in this case were sadistic monsters. I can't believe they didn't continue their sick behavior and harm others. Pity it appears that no DNA is available in this case. It would be true justice to flip over the rock and expose the worm or worms who did this...
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    Kim Jong Un in grave condition after surgery, North Korea, Apr 2020

    Unfortunately these cruel, oppressive buggers have a tendency to pull through and return. Still one can hope.
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    What case really burns your butt?

    I read an article on the Burger Chef Murders. Very brutal and unsolved. I hope this will someday be solved, but I wouldn't say there is much hope. A bit like the Lane Bryant murder case in Illinois.
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    GUILTY Canada - Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka, murdered, 1993

    I hope they get it. They certainly deserve it.
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    What case really burns your butt?

    Are you possibly thinking of the Sylvia Likens case? She was murdered by Gertrude Banizewsky, her daughter Paula and kind of an assortment of neighborhood kids who wandered into Gertrude's home and would commit cruelties at Gertrude's direction. I think Gertrude served about 15 years. Paula...
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    GUILTY MI - Aundria Bowman, 14, murdered, Holland, 11 March 1989 *located 2020, adoptive father convicted*

    What a sick puppy. I wonder if he planned all along to adopt and raise his next victim. His loathsome wife could not have been unaware of this perv's activities.