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  1. comomx3

    Tim Miller: Possible Lawsuit against Casey

    I would love this! People need to know that when you lie (no matter why you lied) there are consequences. Maybe a mom/dad person will think twice before calling on the goodness of volunteers before they LIE about the whereabouts of their children.
  2. comomx3

    If there is an aquittal.....

    I've thought about this a ton today. First, I do not believe she will be acquitted. No way. I do think it's possible they find her not guilty of pre-meditated murder. I would disagree with this verdict completely. HOWEVER. With that said.... Guilty people go free everyday. She went...
  3. comomx3

    POLL: How did JB do in closing statements pre-lunch?

    One thing I will say for Mr. Baez is that his use of visual re: the smell is effective. However much it's based on a "wrong" and "misleading" evidence. Those people that he left up there were near the car AFTER it had been airing out for how many hours?
  4. comomx3

    2011.07.04 Verdict Watch 12:15 pm How long will the jury deliberate?

    I voted 3 days mostly because one day would be too short. I think we have a thoughtful jury on this case. On the second day they'll hash out the punishment and report to the judge they are ready for a third day announcement. Wednesday. I think Wednesday is the day.
  5. comomx3

    What will be the sentence for ICA?

    The three pictures should be Caylee. The picture of the BELLA VITA TATOO and her bones. The dancing pictures could be questionable to some jurors but there is NO denying that TATOO.
  6. comomx3

    Delay revealed-Motion to determine competency filed by defense

    Oh my word. The video is scarey. I wonder how many of the juror's saw it. Can a defendant force the DT to put her on the stand?
  7. comomx3

    Would you lie in court to save your child? CLOSED FOR REVIEW

    I thought the same thing. I'm thinking it was after this case she told her son that.... hopefully???
  8. comomx3

    2011.06.23 Cindy's Testimony

    88 times! Okay- so I missed all of today. I'm waiting for the prosecution to catch her and expose the lies.
  9. comomx3

    2011.06.22 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Twenty-five)

    Unless the DT explains how the body went from being an accident drowning to be thrown away like trash- I can't imagine the jury finding her innocent. I think without that piece of information (no matter how unreasonable it may seem) they will have no choice but to find her guilty.
  10. comomx3

    2011.06.22 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Twenty-five)

    Oh my gosh. Perhaps I just missed something but when they were talking about the shoes did either side clarify if they were Casey's or Caylee's shoes?
  11. comomx3

    2011.06.16 TRIAL Day Twenty (Morning Session)

    Would love to have that texted to me all day. I can't watch at all today and that's what I really want to know at this point. I can filli n the blanks later.
  12. comomx3

    Who is Vasco Thompson?

    I love me some AZLawyer:) Seriously, if I ever move to AZ and find myself in a criminal situation I'm calling you.
  13. comomx3

    What's Your Opinion On Why Jurors Ask To Hold And See Heart Sticker

    Just my two cents.... I scrap book a ton and the flat ones leave more residue. mpossible to pop off the paper. The thicker ones can pop off and usually the adhesive left is minimal. I would imagine on duct tape the flatter ones would stick better than puffy ones.
  14. comomx3

    Cindy mouths, "I love you" to Casey

    Right like- You have made your bed I can not protect you.
  15. comomx3

    Cindy mouths, "I love you" to Casey

    I would have had more of a shock if ICA said I love you. Cindy is a mother. Casey is her child. I hope the jury saw Casey's reaction.
  16. comomx3

    What's missing for Prosecution?

    What the prosecution is leaving out so far is- motive. Do we know who the witness is tomorrow?
  17. comomx3

    Lawyer Of The Day: Mr. Baez

    I loved the way they wrapped up the issues with Baez. I teach children with dyslexia to read. I have a small practice. There are some kids that I can not help (for a few reasons- not important) The prospective parents do not know that coming into my clinic. They don't even know that this is...
  18. comomx3

    2011.06.10 Sidebar (Trial Day Fifteen)

    I agree with this. Especially if there was some other restraint. Arms being held, chloroform or if the tape was on the side of her sweet little head 3 pieces....
  19. comomx3

    From Whence to Casey's Tears Flow?

    Do we have any pictures of how Cindy and George reacted? When Cindy was on the stand crying that was real. That's how a mother cries when her baby is missing. That is the least a mother would do when a picture of her baby's skull with duct tape, hair is shown on a computer screen.