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    GUILTY FL – Jordan Belliveau, 2, Largo, 1 SEP 2018 #2 *mother arrested*

    She is in court now, asking for public defender Mother of 2-year-old Jordan Belliveau arrested for his murder
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    Found Safe TN - Mary Catherine Elizabeth Thomas, 15, Maury County, 13 March 2017 #13 *Arrest*

    So I got to thinking: If they are holed up somewhere, I wonder if it is possible to use a food delivery service, like amazon pantry with a reloadable credit card?. It doesn't help locate them but may give a way they are getting supplies without being seen.
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    Discussions on Formal Sentencing Hearing - Jodi Arias #11

    Anyone have a video link for today's proceedings yet?
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    SIDEBAR #48 - Arias/Alexander forum

    Is there a link to the video up? I was in the car when JSS was up.
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    VERDICT WATCH - Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Retrial Day 45

    Lets light them up!!!!
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    VERDICT WATCH - Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 40

    Gross. I do not want to hear about how much the other inmates love Jodi. Gross. Gross. Gross.
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    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 40

    Is there a place I can sign up for text alerts for the verdict?
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    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 39 Morning Session

    I would love if we could light some more candles for Travis before the lunch break ends: ^^ I hope I did that right.
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    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 38

    I had a horrible nightmare Jodi only got LWOP. I so hope my subconscious is wrong.
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    GUILTY FL - Phoebe Jonchuck, 5, dropped from 60' bridge, St Petersburg, 8 Jan 2015

    This has rocked me to my very core. I can't even explain or try....
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    VERDICT is IN!! #1

    everyone still has the seal right?
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    Closing arguments- thread #177

    DH doesnt think juan iz doing well
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    Closing arguments- thread #175

    Paint a scene of what HE DID....excuse me?! Travis is dead because of what SHE DID, try remembering that!
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    Closing Arguments- thread #172

    That is AMAZING. I mean AMAZING!
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    Closing Arguments- thread #172

    ....left napoleon behind.... :( poor baby
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    Closing Arguments- thread #172

    He has not mentioned it yet that I know of. I also will not be listening to the DT after this; I'm right there with ya!
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    Closing Arguments- thread #172

    she is probably thinking s*#t s*#t s*#t! GOOD.
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    Closing Arguments- thread #172

    I just got this overwhelming feeling like Travis is talking through JM. It's surreal and amazing. I don't think I'll be watching the DT closing, I want to remember this and only this. It's so sad, but so beauitful.