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  1. multicat

    Elisa Lam Memorial Thread

    RIP Elisa. Much love :beats:
  2. multicat

    Pacific Northwest

    What if the 'couple' was a mom and daughter pair? I couldn't help but think about Keyes when I saw this case:
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    Kyron's General Discussion Thread for 2012-13

    Today's divorce hearing has been canceled until August 1 2013 pending criminal investigation into Kyron's disappearance. Also, Desiree's civil suit was postponed for the same reason.
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    OR OR - David 'Dave' Lewis, 46, Ashland, 4 September 2008

    Israel Keyes was in the Western US around that time... murder and arson were a favorite combination of his. From <modsnip: broken link>: July 3, 2008, to July 7, 2008: Western U.S. Sept. 16, 2008, to Sept. 24, 2008: Western U.S. But... I think the Ashland murders/missing may be the...
  5. multicat

    Kyron's General Discussion Thread for 2012-13

    I'm an oregonian and this case is one that really gets me...
  6. multicat

    Cutlery firm moving from China to Gates, creating 189 jobs

    *tangent* The fish is a record-breaking rock fish caught in Alaska not too long ago. I think it weighed like 60 lbs!!
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    KY KY - Brookelyn Farthing, 18, Berea, 22 Jun 2013

    Just read about this girl... Hope she's found safe.
  8. multicat

    GUILTY MO - Mark, 61, & Shaun Staudte, 26, poisoned with antifreeze, Springfield, 2012

    Perhaps her own mother's death would be the possible third death. Maybe she was triggered by the anniversary. If she has college aged kids now, that means 20 years ago she was grown enough to have killed back then, too.
  9. multicat

    WA WA - Maureen Kelly, 19, Skamania County, 10 June 2013

    Bump, hope this poor kid is found safe!
  10. multicat

    GUILTY OH - Blake, 17, & Blaine Romes, 14, Ottawa, 9 May 2013

    This happened in a town I could ride my bicycle to when I was a kid. It's hard for me to believe it would happen in such an insanely small and peaceful village... but... meth and mental illnesses are casting a dark side onto everyplace i guess...
  11. multicat

    AK, NY Israel Keyes - Who are all of his victims???

    Based on the below timeline... Is Holly Bobo a possible victim? I wondered, with the military type outfit worn by the perp and the way he obviously stalked and planned in advance, with no body left behind. October 15, 2010 to October 25, 2010: Midwest U.S., Eastern U.S. June 2, 2011 to June...
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    KY KY - Melvia Roarx, 28, Caneyville, 4 June 2013 - mom of 4

    Another young, petite blonde woman missing.... I hope that she is found safe. :please:
  13. multicat

    Kyron's General Discussion Thread for 2012-13

    I live in Oregon, and think about this case all the time. I hope little Kyron is alive and being taken good care of... :please:
  14. multicat

    GUILTY OH - Elaina Steinfurth, 17 months, Toledo, 2 Jun 2013 - #2

    Twitter feed for an Angela Steinfurth in Toledo OH... sorry if this has been posted already. Retweeted on 5/26/13: "Trying to hold onto my positivity but its so hard when all you can think about is how messed up your life is and this crazy *advertiser censored* world..."
  15. multicat

    MI MI - Jessica Heeringa, 25, Norton Shores, 26 April 2013 #6

    This case keeps bugging me. The sketch looks like my ex boyfriend who lived in the midwest, drove mini vans a lot, and was not mentally stable. But he would be a (probably) well preserved 50 year old, not 30-40.
  16. multicat

    AK, NY Israel Keyes - Who are all of his victims???

    Considering the published Keyes timeline and his statements that he would go to remote or rural areas and let victims "come to him" I believe that Daming Xu who disappeared on a wilderness hike in November 2007 would fit as possible Keyes victim.