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  1. windy91195

    Did the jury get it wrong, or...

    I am just as upset over this erdict than everyone else. And I have more feelings than not that she is guilty. HOWEVER, there has been something bothering me ever since the DT opening statement. After the DT's accusations, I went back and watched the attached video. When CA mentions that...
  2. windy91195

    2011.06.30 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Thirty-Two)

    I would love to know how the two dogs that died six months apart died??? ICA was in high school at that time. :waitasec: According to CA, those dogs were not put down by the vet. Plus, ICA buring other pets per KMT. I also wonder about the dog "Misty" that GA said they never had. ICA...
  3. windy91195

    Does JB Believe the Story he is Telling? *MERGED*

    I am mostly a lurker. I have read all of the document dumps, and followed this case from the beginning. I am usually not very vocal on anything. HOWEVER, after witnessing ICA's behavior this past week, and the accusations against other people, I cannot believe the type of emotion that I have...
  4. windy91195

    2011.05.25 TRIAL Day Two- (Afternoon Session)

    I bet if Maria comes back, she will be jealous of Casey's jacket......heehee...That girl Maria had a ruffled shirt on too, however, she had a jacket. Casey will one up her now....BTW, it looks like one of her attorney's jackets
  5. windy91195

    2011.05.11 Kc sick removed from court

    Was she in the prescence of the jury when she had this episode?
  6. windy91195

    2011.03.02 Cindy Anthony's Testimony

    I find it interesting that in the same testimony, Cindy says that she did not know where detectives were taking Casey, However, when asked about being told that Casey wont be coming back, Cindy stated that the detectives told them that they were taking Casey to Universal, but not to tell her...
  7. windy91195

    Casey's Body Language and Reactionary Comments#3

    I think that she was trying to hard to not look at him, and act like she is against him....totally staged in my opinion...the rolling of her eyes was a total act....
  8. windy91195

    Local 6 Uncovers New Info in Anthony Case

    No wonder the defense was trying to have Casey's statements to detectives thrown out. How would they explain those statements if they are claiming this was an accidental drowning?
  9. windy91195

    2010.11.29 Motions Hearing

    oh they know the mic is on?????????
  10. windy91195

    2010.08.16 Baez/Cheney Press conference

    I have not seen this posted.please remove if it is out of place. Here is a link to the presser ETA the above link is to the live stream
  11. windy91195

    Invoice for the Defense for Work Performed

    if it is submitted under an attorney's name, would it be considered work product?? :waitasec:
  12. windy91195

    2010.04.13 Theories thread as a result of the search

    I am not sure where to post this. So I figured it would be best to put into the "theory" thread. Could it be possible that they called in all of the blood relatives in order to get a dna match for any remains that were found. This could be why the family is upset. they know that a child's...
  13. windy91195

    2010.04.13 Theories thread as a result of the search

    Rope is interesting.....It could be possible that the perp used a rope to tie a container, or body to the poles from the docks/piers..with the thought that this may keep the body from floating to the top.......they were possibly in a hurry. I read somewhere last night that rope had been found...
  14. windy91195

    2010.04.13 Theories thread as a result of the search

    I am very tired, so forgive me if my post seems scattered. I was reading through all of the posts this morning, and I came across a thread about myspace pages. As I was looking at all of the connections to the Croslin family, I saw some references to someone named "Bo" who apparently has...
  15. windy91195

    2009.10.16 Motions Hearing

    sorry if this has been posted already...I looked through the thread and couldn't find an answer......... Who were the two young men behind the defense table?.....The one that looked really young appeared to have "guy liner" residue from the previous night........It was shown while getting a...
  16. windy91195

    2009.08.09 Caylee's 4th Birthday

    Happy Birthday sweet little Caylee Marie........ I read this morning that Caylee's grandparents were part of a remembrence at a private church service, and balloons were released in her honor. Also, It is reported tha George and Cindy have been re-baptized as well........I may get bashed for...
  17. windy91195

    Poll: Would you buy it? The A's WILL write a book....

    I know I will read the book........However, i will not buy it UNLESS it is AFTER the trial so I know the money will not be helping anyone's defense, AND dependant upon how the Anthony's conduct themselves during the trial.....IF they do the right thing in the courts, then all of the other stuff...
  18. windy91195

    Mitigating Factor:Could Casey Have Post-Partum Psychosis?

    I found another page on post abortion stress appears to be controversial. here is a link. I would like to read the following book. I would like to know what happened in the case of the woman, and if the defense worked. I am not making excuses for Casey, but since PPD was...
  19. windy91195

    Mitigating Factor:Could Casey Have Post-Partum Psychosis?

    i'm on lunch break not much time here is a link about post abortion stress syndrome