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    Found Deceased MD - Ernie Sigmon, 44, Mechanicsville, Boat found in Dares Beach, 29 Dec 2021 Boat found running in circles almost 40 miles from where he launched.
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    Found Deceased NC - Jessica Lawrence, 42, Robeson County, 26 Sep 2021 *POI arrested*

    Is it a Coincidence that driving from north to south on Hwy 710 you pass Tom M Rd., Hubbard Rd then Brayboy Rd.?
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    WY WY - Kim Crumbo, 74, Shoshone Lake, 19 Sep 2021

    Half brother Mark O'Neill found deceased. Kim still missing. Both men are very experienced outdoorsmen. Yellowstone National Park search crews look for ex-Navy SEAL after he went missing on canoe trip | Daily Mail Online
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    Found Deceased CA - Derek Barge, 40, Jacumba Hot Springs, 31 Jul 2021

    Authorities searching for man missing since Saturday from Jacumba Hot Springs resort Missing from DeAnza Springs Resort.
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    Found Deceased Mexico - Sylvia Vargas Escalera, 18, Mexico City, 10 Sept 2007

    Here you go. Twelve years after the murder of Silvia Vargas, there is hardly one sentenced for the crime. The 18-year-old was kidnapped and later murdered in Mexico in 2007; her body appeared after 15 months. More than 12 years ago, Silvia Vargas Escalera was kidnapped and later murdered in...
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    Found Deceased KS - Marilane Carter, 36, Overland Park, enroute to Birmingham, 1 Aug, call from Memphis, 2 Aug 2020

    Crazy where the containers were located. Two different pics of the same area. Not sure if is flooded because of rain or surround fields are flood crops (like rice).
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    Found Deceased IL - Chase Mitchell, 33, Saline County, 15 Apr 2020

    Crazy what people will do for a few bucks. ISP: 3 charged in homicide investigation Arrests Made in Connection with Mitchell Homicide – WRUL-FM
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    GUILTY IL - Kimberly Mattingly, 29, Toledo, 5 April 2020 *arrest*

    Looks like she has been found and an arrest has been made. 2 men arrested in woman’s murder
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    Found Deceased CA - Roberto “Bobby” Camou, 48, San Diego Co, 25 April 2020

    Mods, this can be removed. Saw this on the news last night. Did a search here for his last name and nothing popped. Just found it on page two. With all this COVID shelter in place stuff, I have no bearings on Dates. Sorry :-)
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    Found Deceased CA - Roberto “Bobby” Camou, 48, San Diego Co, 25 April 2020

    Dirt bike rider missing since Saturday on Otay Mountain SAN DIEGO — Search efforts continued Tuesday for a missing dirt bike rider who never returned home from a solo ride Saturday on Otay Mountain. Teams were out again with an average of 50 members on the ground and choppers searching by air...
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    GUILTY GA - Hannah Bender, 21, found deceased, Lumpkin County, 14 Sept 2019 *ARRESTS*

    Sounds like he has been nabbed. They got him! Murder suspect Austin Stryker arrested in Pittsburgh - Lumpkin Austin Stryker, suspect in Hannah Bender murder, turns himself in
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    GUILTY NM - Patrick Larkin, 63, found deceased, restaurant owner, Llano Quemado, 26 Aug 2019

    A bit more info here. State police identify 'person of interest' in death of World Cup owner
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    Found Deceased Canada - 2 pilots, aboard Air Tindi charter flight en route to Whati, Yellowknife, NWT, 30 Jan 2019

    A little more info. Investigation finds flight instrument failed in Air Tindi crash
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    Found Deceased SC - Jeremiah Grissett, adult, Horry County, 14 Dec 2018 *vehicle found abandoned*

    Died form a gunshot wound. Does not sound self-inflicted. Missing SC man found dead in Columbus County died from gunshot wound
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    Found Deceased OK - Jimmy Allen Williams (16) , Thomas Michael Rios (18), Leah Gail Johnson (18) , Nov 20 1970

    Interesting. Two separate cars six people. Missing a year apart. Families give more details that might reveal the cold cases in Foss Lake
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    GUILTY CA - Debbie Hawk, 46, Hanford, 13 June 2006

    I could not find her in the missing persons section, but it looks as though she has been found. Husband is currently serving a life sentence for her murder. Back story...
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    CA CA - Bryce Laspisa, 19, Castaic, 30 Aug 2013 - #8

    I walked down LHR from the antenna site to get a feel for the terrain. It is hard to tell from pics but there are some very steep areas with deep erossion channels. These are almost invisble until you are right over them. I have attached a pic of one right down the road. Question for...
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    CA CA - Bryce Laspisa, 19, Castaic, 30 Aug 2013 - #8

    Having been to the site now.....My opinion is.....There is no way....Make that......Absolutely no way...That he drove that car down the hill.....I also think he was on Lake Hughes Road when he saw the LE folks waiting by the gate. Then fled up away from the lake and not down. I have no clue on...
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    CA CA - Bryce Laspisa, 19, Castaic, 30 Aug 2013 - #8

    Finally had a moment to stop by the area for a look-see. A few observations. The hill at the antenna tower is very steep. The dirt is real soft. Very easily could see getting stuck....Or worse. This is a huge are with a ton of steep hills, wash-outs, drainage cuverts, scrubb brush...
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    CA CA - Bryce Laspisa, 19, Castaic, 30 Aug 2013 - #8

    Above BBM. There is no doubt that something happened in Bryce's life or was happening in his life that he recognized as needing corrected. The quick fix was to get the heck out of Dodge and to a safe haven (home perhaps?)...The seemingly randomness of his movements, sporadic communication...