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  1. mimi56

    Stephen "Twitch" Boss dead

    I'm stunned...and so sad.
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    Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies (Peacock Documentary) Discussion

    I will never, ever believe a word that comes out of her lying mouth! She disgusts me!
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    Nice!! Thank you!
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #94

    Dr. Fauci has the patience of Job!!
  5. mimi56

    Coronavirus Vaccine: Would you/did you get it?

    DH and I received our second doses today. Woohoo! :)
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    Welcome To Websleuths

    I love it! Much easier for me to read!! :D
  7. mimi56

    Thoughts on Daylight Saving Time...

    I absolutely hate it & see no need for it. Living in Texas in the summer, the last thing I want is an extra hour of blazing hot sun!! lol
  8. mimi56

    Found Deceased TX - Michael Chambers, 70, Hunt County, 10 March 2017 #4

    Curious as to why Duval County is referenced? Duval County is in far south Texas, hundreds of miles and several hours away from where MC went missing. Have I missed something?
  9. mimi56

    Found Safe TX - Shamali Flores, 6 wks, Houston, 19 Dec 2017 *mom found slain* *Arrest*

    A six-week old that weighs 20 lbs. and is 30" long?!?! That can't be correct info!
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    Found Deceased TX - Michael Chambers, 70, Hunt County, 10 March 2017 #4

    One of the local channels did have this yesterday on their 5 p.m. newscast.
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    Hurricane Harvey - August 2017

    We are seeing gasoline shortages here in the DFW metroplex. IF you can find a station that has gas, the lines are long!
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    GUILTY TX - Ethan Couch 'Affluenza Teen' DUI driver who killed four gets probation, 2013 #3 Apparently they don't!!
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    **Q&A ONLY** Ask the MODERATORS your Forum Questions **NO DISCUSSION**

    Mine went wonky too! Now I have ads running down the right half of the page and the posts are on the left half. I don't like it. :(
  14. mimi56

    MISTRIAL - Sidney Moorer trial for Kidnapping Heather Elvis, 24 June 2016 #6