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  1. Dutch

    Is there anyone that believes Ross is innocent?

    Greeting from the Netherlands. I will go into the trial with an open mind. I just can't believe a father can premeditated kill his son in such a cruel way. The evidence will speak.
  2. Dutch

    The Grand Jury & Trial

    Does anyone know whether this pre-trial will be covered live?
  3. Dutch

    Closing Arguments- thread #171

    I think she can, it happened in the OJ trial..
  4. Dutch

    Closing Arguments- thread #171

    Across the ocean i've got a seal... Maybe you shoud do a F5?
  5. Dutch

    State rests rebuttal case - thread #170

    A very good morning from the Netherlands!:clap: Very excited to see the closing arguments. What a time we live in that i can see it "live" across the ocean.. Here the time is 18:21 :seeya:
  6. Dutch

    trial day 53: REBUTTAL; #161

    A very good morning wished to you from the Netherlands!
  7. Dutch

    trial day 50: REBUTTAL; #151

    Gosh, i followed the OJ trial but imho there were not half as many sidebars in that trial..Why is the judge allowing it? Goodmorning from the Netherlands!
  8. Dutch

    trial day 49: REBUTTAL; #148

    A good morning from the Netherlands, dear websleuths!:seeya: Let's continue the rebuttal, is there any news about which witnesses the prosecution is going to bring in?
  9. Dutch

    trial day 48: REBUTTAL #145

    Ah.. Thanks, this will be a long trial i guess.. So much fussing about seemingly little details..
  10. Dutch

    trial day 48: REBUTTAL #145

    Wow! That's a warm welcome! Thank you very much! :blushing::seeya:
  11. Dutch

    trial day 48: REBUTTAL #145

    A good morning wished from the Netherlands! What time will the trial begin?